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   Chapter 32 No.32

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He had horrible flashbacks to his experiences in the physical education locker rooms during high school. Koris had managed to block those times from his memory, but the nickname 'Toothpick' still haunted him.

"Zǎoshang hǎo Zhǔ Koris, " someone said behind him as he walked through the narrow pathway between all the cubicles.

He turned to see Nikhita standing there with her jacket open to reveal her black T-shirt underneath. The House of Oxen Security office was her niche so she felt completely comfortable wearing her uniform however she wanted when she was there.

"I think you may be lost, " she joked in English.

Young swallowed. "Err… No. I'm just looking for Ghoad."

"Why?" she asked out of curiosity. It was rare for someone to come looking for Ghoad – most were too afraid to even look her in the eye.

"I have a mission for her, " he replied simply.

Nikhita looked slightly jealous – what was a mission Ghoad could do that she couldn't do better?

"You're Chief of the House of Oxen Security now, " he explained, reading her mind. "I can't send you out to do simple tasks anymore."

"How 'simple' is the task?"

"Just a quick venture downtown."

"So not simple at all then?"

"Simple for Ghoad, " he muttered just to annoy Nikhita. "There are no threats to her downtown. Really, she's the only logical choice for this mission."

His statement resulted in Nikhita reaching into the nearest cubicle and then proceeding to throw a rainbow stress ball at him. Despite the fact that little thing was virtually h

'll all be back to normal soon, he told himself. Once the incident is far enough in the past everybody will start to relax again.

"Good morning, " Adina said cheerfully in Mandarin as he walked through her office to reach his own.

"Hi, " he replied. "Any updates about the technician?"

"His name is Todd Arden and he's happy to do the check-up whenever. He does request that if he's going to be going downtown that he travels in an up-to-standard security shuttle for safety reasons."

Koris nodded. "Of course. You tell him that he would have a security guard with him?"

Adina bit her lip: "Yes, " she began slowly, "but I did not tell him it would be a svellik because I was afraid he would back out."

Lord Young was silent for a moment before he spontaneously smirked.

"Well… he's going to be in for a surprise isn't he?"

Adina giggled while running her fingers through her strawberry coloured hair awkwardly. She had thought that he was going to be annoyed with her or call her out for discrimination.

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