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   Chapter 31 No.31

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She was not impressed.

"You want to spend money… on downtowners just so you can get their pitiful vote?"

"Well, " he couldn't help swallowing again, "my chances of getting the uptowner vote are trivial, so I was considering going for the vote the other two candidates are not even considering."

"Whatever, " Isla said immaturely. "We're not planning on winning the election this time anyways."

Koris' eyes widened. "Wait, so will not mind if I go ahead with this?"

She shrugged passively. "Sure. Providing the other heads and both campaign managers approve the idea – go nuts."

That was easier than expected, Young thought as he closed the door to Gok's office before letting out a sigh of relief. One down, three to go… and then the campaign managers.

Lady Annika Fitz was a much more enthusiastic being and Koris did not even have to try that hard to get her consent. Lord Arturo Beige was a little reluctant, but after half an hour Koris finally got his approval. The hardest person to convince was Lord Saul Addicott who wasn't interested in letting Koris spend any money on a risky downtown campaign.

"I understand your ambitions, " Addicott said in Mandarin, "but we cannot just toss around yuan. We especially can't toss money in the direction of worthless downtowners who won't even appreciate it."

Young's nostrils flared when the head referred to the downtowners as 'worthless'. Saul was the most discriminative out of all four heads. Not only did he have a distaste for downtowners, he also saw the svellik as equal to animals instead of humans and did not endorse projects to help the svellik progress in the human-dominated Manticore Me

p any downtowner's spine like a toothpick if she wanted. She'll be fine.

Adina did not reply after a minute so Koris put his phone back in the pocket of his robe and made his way to go see Ghoad. He presumed she would either be in the shared security force training area or in the House of Oxen Security office. Because he didn't feel like going to both locations, he just messaged Ghoad and asked her where she was.

Ghoad: Im at offike.

Young shook his head out of pity. No matter how hard she tried, Ghoad did not know her way around grammar and spelling. He was more patient than most with bad spellers. After all, he lived with Flick. Like with Flick, Koris presumed Ghoad had the alien form of dyslexia when it came to English or Mandarin, but that could not be helped.

The House of Oxen Security office was an intimidating place to go if you were not in security. The atmosphere very quickly emasculated Koris as soon as he stepped through the doors. Every perfectly-toned security guard stood tall in their gritty blue and black uniforms… and then there was scrawny Koris in is ironed blue robe.

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