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   Chapter 30 No.30

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"Not anymore. Ten years ago after the last election they destroyed them all."

"Who did?"

"The downtowners."

Damn, Koris thought. How am I supposed to help them get their say in politics if they can't help themselves?

"Well, " he began with a dry mouth, "what if getting new voting booths downtown was part of my campaign? The downtowners would feel obligated to vote for me if I funded the voting booths."

"No they wouldn't. They don't think that way."

"Regardless, do you think I should suggest it to the heads of the House of Oxen and, if then if they give it consen, suggest it to the campaign managers?"

"Break it to the heads gently and subtly, " she joked. "Maybe at the next meeting?"

"I was thinking of telling them today."

He could tell that Nikhita was sneering on the other side.

"Really?" she asked with an obvious judgmental tone.

"Yes. We've not got enough time before the actual election day to sit around and do nothing until the next meeting."

"Suit yourself. Just be careful how you pitch it to them."

"Okay. Zàijiàn."


Koris wondered how long it would take to design and print a load of promotional posters. He wanted to get them out soon.

Going back into the apartment, he saw that Flick was now out of his room and helping himself to food in the fridge. The young man avoided eye contact with him, but Koris let his hand draw across the boy's back as he passed.

"Hey, Flicka-roo, " Koris said placidly in an attempt to assure the child that the previous night had been forgotten.

Koris continued his morning routine before jumping into his shuttle

understand why so many people had these window screens – there was nothing to look at outside.

"Greetings, " Young said Mandarin followed by a slight bow.

Lady Gok did not reply. She only approved his entrance by glancing up at him before returning to her file management.

"May I please speak with you?" Koris asked after a brief silence. He tried not to sound desperate, but with no avail.

"I suppose, " Isla sighed.

She gestured to the silver seat in front of her desk. Hastily, Lord Young took a seat. Lady Gok intimidated him greatly.

"I want to suggest an idea to the campaign managers, but first I need you and the other three head's consent…"

"Because you need our money, " Isla said coldly.

"No, " Koris shook his head. "I could fund the campaign myself. I promise."

Isla cocked an eyebrow. "What is this 'campaign idea' of yours?"

He swallowed before he began. "I was considering hosting a campaign downtown with just simple paper posters and flyers, but as part of that campaign we could appeal to downtowners by installing new voting booths."

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