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   Chapter 29 No.29

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Victoria was against the hospital's bureaucratic system and knew exactly how to go about getting the child treatment without having the problem of the child not having money, insurance or an uptown residency.

Koris shared a hospital room with the boy, and yet according to the system; Koris was the only one in the room.

"Let me tell you, " Doctor Lauffer began in clear Mandarin as she paced the room, "that boy is incredibly lucky that you two share a blood type. I could not go under the radar if I took blood from the actual blood bank or cloned the boy's own blood."

Koris nodded along dazedly. He had had to donate quite a large sum of blood to help the little child.

His wife was going to be furious with him, but not as mad as the House of Oxen heads would be. He had missed out on the group photo that was supposed to be taken and that would not give them good publicity.

"A major issue 'Flick' will have as he develops will be his lack of testosterone which would have come from his testicles. I'll try to explain to the boy the consequences of this later when he's more animate, " she looked at the motionless creature in the bed near Koris'.

"What are the consequences?" Koris asked, his Mandarin slurring.

Victoria bit her lip. "A lack of testosterone will greatly affect his development during puberty. I would say his lack of nourishment has already affected his growth seeing as he's at least twelve and just starting puberty, but he still looks nine. Without testosterone his voice will not deepen, he will never develop a mu

n the shuttle garage where he wouldn't be disturbed or heard.

"Wèi?" Nikhita said when she picked up the phone. Koris was surprised by the peppiness in her tone. After a night partying with Lysander he had expected her to be tired.

"Hāi. Zhè shì Koris."

"Oh, " and with that, Nikhita felt comfortable talking in just English. "How's Flick?"

"He hasn't woken up yet, " Koris replied simply as that was not what he'd called her about. "You think it would be alright to have promotional campaign… downtown?"

Nikhita was silent.

"Not a big expensive one, " Koris reassured her. "Just maybe a few paper posters."

"Err. I don't know. Why are you asking me?"

"Because I want to run my idea by somebody I trust will be honest before I suggest it to the heads. I was thinking about trying to get the downtowner vote seeing as I doubt I'll be getting any uptowner votes."

"It's not a bad idea, it's just that fact that I don't think there's any way for downtowners to vote."

"Don't they have electronic voting booths?"

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