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   Chapter 28 No.28

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"Are you at least going to give the wounds quick treatments?" Davys asked agitatedly. "Getting him out of here won't matter unless you stop the blood flow."

Lord Young looked down at the little boy. Blood was already soaking through the blue robe he had bundled him in. "How can I carry him and stop the blood flow?" he asked in a child-like way.

Renaldo sighed and reached into a pouch in his utility belt. "Put him down."


"Just for a fucking moment!"

Realising that Renaldo was trying to help, he set the boy down. Out of his utility belt came a quick-fix cauterising ointment that would temporarily seal the wounds. It was very necessary, but it also stung and Koris could see the pain in the boy's eyes as he was snapped out of his catatonic state for a moment when the ointment made contact with his midsection. He did not have the strength to scream or cry so he just stared dazedly at Koris; wondering why these men wanted to hurt him.

"Wǒ zhīdào tā téng, " Koris said empathetically. "Nǐ xūyào zhège, suīrán."

"He doesn't speak Mandarin, " Renaldo hissed. "That language is formal."

"Some downtowners speak Mandarin, " Koris hissed back.

"Yeah, the ones from the northern part of town where the highest of the lower-class live, but we're closer to the southern part of downtown Manticore Metropolis where… everything's crap."

Nobody looked happy to see Davys and Young returning to the city centre. In fact, their expressions suggested that they found the boy in Koris' arms as disgusting as a disease-infest

rd Chopra and Lady Bijoux and allow Lord Young to slip under the bureaucratic radar, and take the boy in the ambulance with him.

"Gǒupì!" Koris exclaimed as he grasped his foot.

"Well, what did you expect?" Magdalene asked with no pity in her tone. "Shooting yourself in the foot isn't all flowers and kittens."

It took every ounce of will in Koris' body to retrain himself from telling Magdalene to "shut the fuck up". The pain was almost unbearable, but it would all be worth it if the child lived.

"Congratulations, " Lord Chopra laughed. "You will now go down in history as 'the crazy politician who shot himself in the foot'."

The air ambulance arrived on the scene and although the medics were unsure of what to make of the whole chaotic situation, Lord Young did manage to convince both of them to take the child back to the hospital with them. It did help that Koris knew both medics very well and it would help even more that he was dear friends with the doctor who would treat him: Doctor Victoria Lauffer.

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