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   Chapter 27 No.27

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Renaldo stopped his half-assed inspecting of apartment rooms. That sounded like Koris, but was he screaming, growling or both?

He found himself feeling anxious when he was not able to find Koris on the fourth floor.

"Lord Young?" he called out, but with no avail.

Davys made the assumption that Young was on the next floor up and sure enough, the very first apartment on his right. Even as he neared the room he could smell the drug substances which alerted him about how dangerous this could be. Drugged-up downtowners like that teenage girl he had encountered a few floors down were never to be underestimated. They were insane, and were practically immune to pain in their strange states.

The first thing Renaldo noticed about this apartment was its broken window that faced out onto the city square. That explained how they had heard the cries in the first place. His eyes slowly panned down to the floor where he saw the chaos – now the broken window seemed less interesting.

Blood. It was everywhere. On the walls, the tattered couches, the people sprawled out on them, the naked bleeding boy lying on his back in the middle of the floor and on Koris' fists as he rained blows upon bewildered downtowner. The man subjected to Koris' wrath looked rather masculine for a downtowner, but there was no downtowner in the world that could take on a well-nourished uptowner when they were this angry.

"Lord Young, " he said in a calm tone to try and get the enraged politician's attention. When that didn't work he gave up on trying to be composed. "Koris!" he barked.

The young man stopped almost instantly and tur

ave to kill him too if he fired.

"Think rationally!" Koris was taken aback by Renaldo's powerful booming voice that stirred the drugged-up creatures on the couches. "Imagine if you were him; would you want to be put out of your misery in a quick in painless way or would you prefer for your life to ebb away slowly?"

Koris looked down at the scrawny child. He had to make a decision quickly because soon the child's only option would be death.

"Tell the hospital to get a bed ready, " he said boldly as he stood up with the bundled child in his arms.

"Fuck, " Renaldo grumbled. He was going to take so much crap for letting Koris get away with this.

"Later, Flicky, " one of the men sprawled out on the couch mumbled sleepily.

Koris mind was racing at a thousand miles an hour, and yet he still registered that the boy's name was something along the lines of 'Flicky'. Little did he know that the addicts were on a drug that they called 'Flicked' and a 'Flicker' was a user of the drug so it was possible the man on the couch had been trying to say Flicker instead of Flicky.

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