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   Chapter 26 No.26

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Come on child. Help me find you.

"What'sa an upper doin' hera?" a scraggily-voiced young downtowner hissed to her comrade as they carried bags of human organs into the city square that they intended to sell. "Ya thinks they here 'cause of these?" she gestured to the bags.

Koris halted to gag when he saw the blood dripping from the bags. Downtown was sick. It was downright sick. How could anybody survive in such a terrible environment?

"Oh God!" he gasped as he put his hands on his knees and hacked like he had seen his dog, Kiddo, do so many times.

On the verge of vomiting, he stopped himself when he heard one final, very desperate, cry that faded away as quickly as it reached Lord Young's ears. Koris instantly knew where the sound was coming from as he gazed at the shadowy building looming over him.

The child's in there, he thought.

"He looksa funny, " the body snatcher's comrade observed. "I wonder hows much hisa parts would sell fo–"

Renaldo had no regrets about shooting the body snatcher right in the head. Of course, when the other one saw the Chief of Oxen security she scurried away like the sewage rat she was.

"You are fucking insane, you know that?"

Koris would have been more appalled by Renaldo's cursing had he not been more worried about the child who was apparently in agony in the building in front of them.

"He… She… It's in there, " he panted.

"Who?" Renaldo was forced to ask. Now he was positive that the young lord had just gone off the deep-end. Downtown had probably been too much for inexperienced little brain.

"The screaming child!"

Renaldo ran his fingers

wntowner and he did not think twice about putting a bullet through her brain.

Half a minute later he met Koris on the other side of the building where the two hallways met up again. The look in the young politician's eyes said he had seen unspeakable atrocities as well.

"Suǒyǒu de hǎo?" Young asked in a distracted voice as his eyes darted to the rugged metal stairs next to them.

"Yeah, " Davys nodded along, "I'm fine, but we should get back t–"

Renaldo didn't bother to try and finish his sentence. Koris was flying up the stairs and onto the next level.

We're not going to find this kid, he thought with a shake of the head. And even if we miraculously do; it'll be too late.

Renaldo was more or less humouring Koris by the time they reached the fourth floor. The inbox on his phone had about thirteen new messages from politicians and security guards alike demanding that he and Koris return from their wild goose chase. Renaldo was not going to let this go much further. He figured he would let the politician check one more floor before he made him go back to…

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