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   Chapter 25 No.25

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"Hǎo ma?" she asked curiously. "What's on your mind?"

"Méishénme, " he replied without making eye contact.

Andromeda sighed. She hated when her husband was passive and pretended everything was fine even though she knew his brain was imploding.

"Flicka-roo thinks nǐ are mad at tā, " she said after a long silence.

"Wǒ bùshì."

"Then stop acting like nǐ are."

He opened his mouth to refute before closing it when he heard the door to the shuttle garage close – Melody was home.

At least she made it back, he thought even though it did not make him feel any better.

Andromeda heard Melody arrive home too, but ignored that fact. "What's on your mind, chǒng'ér?" she asked in a sympathetic tone.

Koris shrugged. He honestly didn't know why he was in this mood. It was not just because of Flick and Lysander sexual encounter, there had to be something else. He would have presumed it was the election just beyond the horizon, however that had not been on his mind all night.

"You still question if it was the right decision, don't you?" Andromeda asked as if she had read his mind.

He opened his mouth as if to question what she was talking about, but then closed it and turned away when he realised. Yes, he did still wonder if he had made the right decision about rescuing Flick all those years ago:

The great star in the sky had just sunk below the orange peaks in the distance. The canyon Manticore Metropolis sat in suddenly became dark.

Just in time, Lord Koris Young thought as he stepped out of the House of Oxen shuttle.

"Zhǐyào kàn kàn zhège dìfāng." Lady Magdalene Bijoux of the House of Dragons scoffed as she scoped the downt

ecause they were still so full of emotion instead of being dead inside.

Lord Young made a split decision when they shrill screaming was suddenly cut-off again. Maybe the child was now dead, he hadn't a clue, but he would never have been able to forgive himself if he didn't try and find the distressed child.

"Young!" Renaldo Davys barked as the man went dashing across the city square, his blue robe flapping like a cape behind him. "Gǒupì, " he swore under his breath when he realised that he had to go after the nutty politician.

"Let him go get himself killed if he wants to, " Lord Chopra muttered in English seeing as this event no longer seemed so formal.

"Wǒ tóngyì, " Lady Bijoux nodded in agreement with Lord Chopra before lighting up a yellow cigarette.

Renaldo did agree with the lord and lady, but he would probably get fired by the House of Oxen if he didn't get the AWOL lord back.

Many downtowners looked as if they had seen a horrifying creature as Koris ran past them. He ignored their gazes and just tried to focus on which of the buildings the screaming had been coming from.

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