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   Chapter 24 No.24

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The young man nodded again, although there was still a hint of fear in his eyes. This did not surprise Andromeda seeing Flick always had a hint of fear in him whenever he was in her presence.

She got up to leave, but then stopped when she reached the door and turned to face Flick again.

"Flick, where exactly did all this stuff occur?"

"Lysander's mansion thingy, " he said simply.

"But where in Lysander's mansion?"

"A bathroom near his grand hall thingy."

Andromeda nodded, contemplating what that meant.

"Goodnight, " she said in a distracted voice before shutting the door to his room on her way out.

Flick was a little surprised by her abrupt departure, but was glad she left. Once she was gone, he snapped his fingers twice and the plasma screen ceiling turned on.

She went into the garage which was the only place where she could talk without being heard. Putting on her glasses, she nodded her head to scroll through her contacts until she landed on Lord Lysander Jordanis. The contact photo that had been taken from his personal website and represented him perfectly: a group of half-naked youthful looking people suggestively dancing around him at one of his famous Spring Festival parties. With that kind of photo she wondered how he was even in the running for zhǔxí.

"Nǐ shēngbìngle, nǐ zhīdào ma?" she growled when Lysander answered.

The noise coming from Lysander's side was very loud. Obviously a live band was playing.

"Hello, who is this?" he yelled in English over the music and loudly laughing woman dancing next to him – Nikhita?


f payment to Olympus United, not the Olympians. That's slavery!"

Andromeda nodded along but made no judgment calls about Olympus United seeing as she knew so little about it except for the fact that it was a company from the planet of Eden.

Koris had not voted in favour of the permit to develop the factory in Manticore Metropolis five years back, but the vote was overall in favour of the factory and so the zhǔxí at the time, Lady Penelope Renard, gave Olympus United a permit. Andromeda remembered how annoyed Koris was at the time, but since then she had not heard much about Olympus United. The company had managed to remain in the shadows and out of the media's eye.

"Maybe nǐ will see the factory and realise it isn't slavery."

Young's nostrils flared. It was slavery and he knew it. He bet that he would go through the entire tour being forced to bite his tongue.

He did not glance at his wife when she slid into bed next to him. In fact, he only realised that she was lying next to him when she pulled the thin silver covers her way.

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