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   Chapter 22 No.22

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So Flick is in there too. Fuck!

"And I also believe your dear guardian is being nosey and standing right outside the door."

Young opened his mouth to bark at Jordanis, but then he realised he would scare Flick if he did that. He took a moment to breath and regain his posture before he spoke: "Are you both decent? I need to see Flick."

He was surprised when the door opened abruptly and Lysander slid out before closing it again. He didn't look like he had hastily put on his clothing. Had he actually had sex with Flick or was he just in there to worry Koris?

Then Young remembered what his wife had told him a while ago after they had been discussing Princeton's relationship with Melody: "The man only ever undoes his pant zipper. He never removes any of his own clothing, but he prefers his sexual partners to be stark naked. He's a weird guy. Wǒ think tā associates nudity with vulnerability or something."

Koris exhaled loudly at the thought. I swear if he took advantage of Flick then nothing will stop me from pounding Lysander's face in.

"I must be getting back to the party, " Lysander said, not trying to hide his smug smile. Everything he did was to get at Koris. "We're having speeches soon."

Koris bit his lip and nodded. If he tried to speak his voice would be aggressive. Jordanis noticed this and raised an eyebrow.

"Goodbye Flick, " he said while maintaining eye contact with Koris.

There was no reply. Flick was probably too terrified to answer because his guardian was there.

"What have you done?" Koris hi

g, he speculated.

"I'd like to believe you Flick, I really would, but you don't seem to understand how Lysander works. He did not come across you in the bathroom on accident or wish to see if you were alright. No, he had ulterior motives. He's trying to crack our family to find some dirt he can use against me during the debates or for his campaign. You're just ammunition to him."

Flick looked hurt, but it was true. Koris had already gotten hit with Lysander's comment about how he was apparently fuelling Flick's bad body image. Koris doubted that would be the last time he would be hit with a remark about Flick. Lysander had only been intimate with the boy for a few minutes, but if he had seen Flick below the waist then he would have a few more remarks to stab Koris with hidden up his sleeve.

"The weird thing is, " Koris glanced at the boy who seemed surprisingly light-spirited – little did he know it was the cigarette's doing, "it was nice and all, but I don't, err, think I'll do it again, " Flick said quietly.

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