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   Chapter 21 No.21

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Hesitantly, Flick helped Lysander the slightest bit by lifting himself off the sink counter for a moment to allow his garments to be pulled off. He expected that once Lysander saw, he would stagger back and start gagging before running out the door and telling everyone.

No, that was not his reaction at all. He just took a step back to examine the boy as a whole with an impassive expression. The final piece of the puzzle was put into place.

He was castrated before puberty, Lysander noted. That is why his body never developed properly. His bone growth went insane. That also explains the high voice. He took a closer look at the boy's midsection. This penis obviously wasn't originally his. The scars around the base make that clear. It only serves no sexual purpose. This man has no sex-drive, that's for sure.

Flick felt like he was having an examination at the doctor's office the way he sat naked on a white counter while a figure of authority inspected him with his passionless eyes. Somehow Lysander's silent judgement was worse than if he had just acted disgusted. Flick sniffed once before he found himself bawling again. He should not have done this. He shouldn't have made himself this vulnerable to a man he hardly knew.

"No, no, no, no, " Lysander hugged the boy again, kissing his cheek. "Don't cry. It's okay."

Oh dear child. You poor wretched soul bruised with adversity. On the other hand; he must have a lovely singing voice.

"It's not okay!" Flick snivelled. "Look at me!"

There was nothing Lysander could say that would assure the fragile young man in fr

cided to finally go and check up on Flick. He was five minutes later than he said he would be, but what difference would five minutes make?

He cocked an eyebrow when he found that the door was locked.

"Occupied, " a man smirked from the inside the bathroom when he knocked. Judging by the low, yet cocky voice he presumed it was Lord Jordanis.

At first he thought that he had come to the wrong bathroom, or maybe Flick had left and he was somewhere else… Maybe he shouldn't have worried so much about Nikhita being around Lysander and fretted Flick being with Lysander more.

He went silent as to pretend he had left before pressing his ear against the door. He did not want to be nosey, but he did not want Flick to be locked in a bathroom with Lysander. That boy vulnerable both physically and mentally and Lysander could destroy him in seconds if he wanted.

"Get dressed. I believe Lord Young has returned, " Lysander murmured.

There was a shrill gasp from the other person in the room. And the sound of shuffling as they hastily got dressed.

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