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   Chapter 20 No.20

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Jordanis used his free hand – while his other hand toyed with the cigarette in its fingers – to gesture for Flick to do a breathing exercise. The young man fallowed his actions with both hands instead of one. To his own surprise, his breathing became slower paced which was an improvement from his previous hyperventilating.

"Try this, " Lysander said while holding out his cigarette. "It will help."

Flick shook his head, but Lysander was persistent and he soon gave in. He had only inhaled a small amount before he started coughing frantically, there was orange smoke everywhere.

Lysander chuckled. "I had that reaction to it the first time as well, " he joked before throwing the cigarette in the waste basket next to the sink counter.

To someone like Lord Jordanis, who had been inhaling the orange smoke for centuries, the substance acted as soother of the mind, but for an inexperienced tester like Flick it acted as euphoria-inducer.

"Now, " Lysander began once the boy seemed calmer, "tell me what's wrong."

"Don't worry, " Flick whispered, he could not speak any louder without unleashing more tears and breathing rapidly again.

"I do worry. There's a young man crying in my bathroom at my birthday party." His smile faded when the boy made eye contact with him and he put on his sympathetic face again. "What's wrong?" he inquired while gently embracing Flick. "You can tell me."

The young man was not sure why he was so comfortable in this man's arms while sitting on a bathroom sink counter. The soft tone Lysander had certainly helped soothe him.

"I… I don'ta know, " Flick admitted. "I just got scared."

Past event haunting him, Lysander thought.

"You have noth

ch, he listened to the boy's breathing to see what kind of result he was getting for doing this. To his surprise, the boy's breath was now incredibly slow and calm. He would expect the boy to be taking short rapid breaths by now if he was turned-on.

At least he's not panicking.

His hands moved down from Flick's chest to his thighs. He quickly moved all the way down to push the boys shoes off before moving back up. While massaging the boy's lanky legs through his black pants, Lysander moved his head back up to Flick's neck and started kissing him there again as he had seemed to enjoy it before. He wanted the boy to be distracted by the sensation on his neck while he undid his pants. However, the boy did notice and began to panic again.

"Relax, " Lord Jordanis hushed.

Once the young man had seemed to calm down, Lysander put his thumbs in the waistband of the boy's underwear and gently pulled both his underwear and pants down simultaneously. Jordanis figured it was best to do it this way because if the process was drawn out too long, Flick would most likely build up too much anxiety and start panicking again.

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