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   Chapter 18 No.18

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Jordanis snarled.

"Miss Kothari, you will be the cause of my insanity."

Cal slapped Erik on the back as he entered the kitchen with his empty platter. "You spoke to her!"

"Uh huh, " he nodded along distractedly. His mind was on other things… like was Lysander going to fire him for staring at Nikhita?

"What does tā sound like? Did she sound different?"

"Bù very differ. Sounds just like an uptowna." He collected the next full platter. "Wǒ think Lysanda ain't happy with wǒ because I took a looky at her."

Cal laughed. "Gah, but tā canna fire ya without his Marky gettin' boohoo now, can he?"

Uh oh, both of them thought when they looked up and saw Mark standing there. He did not look hurt. He just smoothed back his blonde hair to calm himself.

"Sorry Mark, " Erik said before patting his brother's shoulder with his free hand. "We wera just jokin'."

"No prob, " he replied cheerfully, putting on his best smile that he usually put on in the presence of uptowners.

"Have nǐ seen the Earthy?" Cal asked Mark to change the conversation.

His eyes widened: "She'sa already here?"

Cal nodded, and all three made their way towards the door. Cal and Mark went to the door to have a peek at Nikhita while Erik was actually going back into the grand hall to continue serving canapés. However, the boy was going to try and avoid Lysander now that he was on the man's bad side.

"Wa, " both downtowners gasped after they scanned the grand hall with their eyes and saw the Earthling. Nikhita was not very hard to spot in the crowd of sickly pale people.

"She'sa so lucky, " Cal hiss

other second later he saw that it was actually Koris, but it did not matter – he was already panicking.

"Flick?" Koris said in a more strained tone as the boy ran through the crowd.

Striding after Flick, he tried to ignore all the odd looks he was getting from people. They did not concern him when Flick was having an anxiety attack.

Out the corner of his eye he saw Jordanis observing the situation impassively, with a cigarette in his mouth. He had been poking around for something to use against Koris in the campaign and it was possible that he had just found something. After all, how could Koris bring a mentally unstable young man to his party?

Young nearly lost Flick when he turned the corner in the hallway, but then he saw a door slam and made the assumption it was the panicking boy. Putting his ear against the bathroom door, he heard the sobbing and feverish breathing. He put his hand on the doorknob and tried to gently push the door open but accidentally hit something. Judging by Flick's sniffle, he had accidentally hit the boy in the back.

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