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   Chapter 17 No.17

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"I get that a lot… and I'm never sure whether or not I should be flattered or offended."

"It's a racist statement, " he said, eyeballing Flick as a telling-off.

"Funny thing is, back on Old Earth, compared to other Indians, I'm pretty pale."

Koris simply raised his hand and pulled back the sleeve of his robe and shirt just to remind her how pale he was in comparison to her.

"Yeah, " she laughed, "I think we could all do with some time in the Sun… the Old Earth Sun, not the Jhard."

The trio walked together down the hallway. Many eyes watched them. Partly because of the fact Koris was wearing his House of Oxen robe in Dragon territory, and partly because of Nikhita.

Right above the doors that lead into the grand hall was a great portrait of Lysander sitting down and his father, Preston, standing beside him with his hand on his shoulder. Looking up at it, Young assumed that the portrait had to have been painted – or designed to look painted – hundreds of years ago. There was something very youthful about Lysander's appearance in that portrait. Naturally youthful. He couldn't have been over thirty.

Comparing Preston and Lysander, the two looked very different. Preston had dark brown hair, cold blue eyes, and a very masculine appearance. He really looked nothing like the slender blonde boy sitting below him, making Young think that the younger Jordanis had gotten his looks from his mother – whoever she was.

"I'm not sure what's larger, " Nikhita muttered so only Koris could hear, "the portrait or the Jordanis' family ego."

It looked as if the three of them wouldn't have been missed if they had skipp

ut?" Koris asked while trying to mask his actual curiosity with a friendly smile.

"He was asking if he should compare me to a summer's day, " Nikhita explained with a smile that told Koris that 'she knew how to handle Lysander's flirting', "and I was telling him that I studied that sonnet back on Old Earth and therefore know that Shakespeare was addressing a man."

"And then I called her out for not accepting my extoling seeing as we live in a day and age where the gender originally intended as the subject of the sonnet does not define who can be the subject of it today, " Lysander said to finish her explanation.

Koris resisted rolling his eyes. Lysander and Nikhita were always like this with each other. They enjoyed 'playful bickering'. He was never sure if they were flirting or if they simply respected each other because they both had a great amount of knowledge about Old Earth.

"Oh, by the way…" Lysander thought for a moment. "… āpa?a err… sundara disū."

"Your fractured Marathi is charming, " Nikhita said patronisingly, "but sadly that is not my first language."

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