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   Chapter 16 No.16

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Koris checked the time in the corner of the monitor. The party had started five minutes ago.

"Dear God this is taking forever isn't it?" he sighed in frustration while gesturing to the line in shuttles in front of them. Only a second later did he bite his tongue.

The boy looked confused. "Who?"

"Who what?"

"Did ya just say 'dear Ghoad'?"

"No, " Koris shook his head, "I said dear God. G-O-D. I was cursing."

He was little embarrassed. It was not often that he cursed. Politicians were judged severely if they ever cursed, but when Koris was stressed he tended to let a curse or two slip out.

"Who's God?"

"Really depends on the context. When I think of God I think of the Christian one. He was believed to have been an overlord and the people of Old Earth thought he lived in the clouds and when humans died, if they had been good, their souls would go up to him in…"

There was no point trying to explain a religion to Flick and his look of utter confusion he told Koris that. The boy had no context so such an abstract concept. Most people on Manticore would have no idea what Koris talking about unless that had taken religious studies in school like he had. And even then, Koris' own knowledge of Christianity was minimal.

"Never mind, " he reassured the bewildered boy.

"What's a soul thingy?" Flick asked after a brief silence.

"Err… It's your línghún… Your spirit." That did not make it any easier for Flick to understand. "It's who you are, but not including your body. It can't be seen, it can't be proven

at lead to the grand hall. She had been as late as they had. Again, Flick's jaw dropped when he saw Nikhita.

"I see you want to be noticed tonight, " Koris joked before bopping Flick under the chin so that he would shut his mouth.

Smiling beguilingly, she twirled around to make her purple dress and transparent sari fly. Her gown had an Old Earth Indian-style design… but possibly her dress showed far more skin than a typical Indian garmet would. The back of her dress was low enough that the start of her Indian-influenced lower tattoo could be seen. She was certainly getting plenty of looks. Some of them were in awe, others were in envy.

"I'm single, " she said haughtily, "so I figured this style would get me a dance partner."

"You're brown all over, " Flick whispered, not taking his eyes off her rather exposed chest. He had always thought she was one of those girls who gotten a fake tan and that her skin transitioned to paler.

"Flick!" Koris hissed, but Nikhita just laughed. She was very used to that reaction.

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