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   Chapter 14 No.14

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Cal and Erik walked through the giant white hallway chattering. Only when they saw Princeton coming from the other direction did they fall quiet.

"Good evening Master Bengal, " they chorused in perfect English.

Prince chose to acknowledge their inferior existence by raising his eyebrows instead of taking his eyes of his tablet screen. Once his back was to them Cal stuck her tongue out before facing forward again and acting like it never happened. Seeing this, Erik shoved her playfully and she ended up chasing after him through the hallway.

Both of sneakily came up behind Mark and simultaneously slapped him on each shoulder when they found him in grand hall wrapping the silver dining utensils in red and gold napkins.

"Hāi, " he said in an incredibly cheerful tone even though he kept his eyes on the task at hand.

"How was ya shower?" Cal asked impishly.

"Blech, " he said with a discussed expression. Cal laughed, however Erik figured Mark was most likely lying. He knew his brother well enough to know that Mark had a crush on Lysander. "Did nǐ hear? An Earthy is comin' to the party tonight."

Cal cocked her head, making her feathery brown hair fly. "Eh?"

"A gal who was born on Old Earth."

"Okay, so?"

He shrugged.

"Nǐ've seen Earthies on the screen. They're dark."

Cal and Erik did not seem to believe Mark. Their minds could not comprehend what someone would look like without sickly white skin. Yes, they had seen Earthlings, but only glimpses of them when they were serving Lysander when he was watching Old Earth news on his computer or tablet. To them, the idea of people with dark skin seemed almost fictional.

"Who'sa tā?" Cal asked curiously

ves you one good reason to be nice to her." He stomped to a halt when he was a good few feet away from the gathered servants. "Miss Kothari was born on Old Earth and therefore it may come as a shock to you how different she looks. You will know her when you see her seeing as Nikhita will be the only dark-skinned woman in the room. However, do not stare at her, give her strange looks or ask her questions about her skin." Lysander eyeballed one particular servant at the front of the crowd who had been known for asking people inappropriate questions. "You are to simply serve Miss Kothari like you would serve any other uptowner. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Lord Jordanis, " all of the servants in the grand hall chorused.

Jordanis scanned all of them with his eyes to check for any fault. When he found none he gave a quick nod.

Once they were sure the speech was done, the servants scattered and returned to their duties. Cal turned to head for the kitchen like Erik when two arms wrapped around her chest and she was pulled back into someone. She was not alarmed. She recognised the sleeves of the red robe instantly.

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