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   Chapter 13 No.13

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The other three members of household looked to Flick questioningly. He suddenly shrunk in his seat, fearing judgement.

"I beg your pardon?" Koris asked in a soft voice as to not scare the boy.

"Can I go to the party thingy?"

Andromeda and Koris exchanged a look. Was it wise to send the boy who feared his own shadow to Jordanis' party? Lysander would tear the boy's already fragile mind to pieces just for fun.

"Down, Kiddo. Not now." Koris whispered before pushing the dog's face away from his plate.

"Why do you want to go?" Andromeda inquired.

The young man shrugged and cast his eyes downward. The truth was that he could not remember the last party he went to. And now that he was out of remedial school he felt he was socialising with other people less than he should've been. He did like being around other people even if he did not fully understand how to interact with them.

"I'm not sure if it's… your kind of party, " Koris said cautiously.

Flick shrugged again. "I don't mind. I just wanna go."

"Flicka-roo, it's Lysander's party. It is not exactly for younger people."

"Then why did Andromeda ask her if she wanted to go to the thingy?" he whined in a high voice, pointing at Melody accusingly.

Lost for words, Koris decided that it was easiest to give into the young man: "All right. You can come if you want, but we just have to be careful." Flick cocked his head to the side in confusion. "We'll be in enemy territory."

"I'll be fine, "the young man said to try and reassure Koris. "It should be fun."

Koris laughed at the idea of Lysander's party being 'fun'.

* * *

The servants of Jordanis' estate moved hastily to prepare for the p

ack hair went well with the pants and shoes of the uniform.

Erik jumped when he was abruptly smacked on the back. Whirling around, he smiled when he saw it was his dear friend, Cal. The two had become instant friends as soon as he had started working at the estate six months ago. He found Cal interesting because she was so daring and was not afraid to stand up to someone regardless of whether or not they were from uptown or downtown.

"'ello, " she said cheerfully.

"Hāi, " he said before shunning away from her hand that was on his back so he could finish getting dressed.

"Where'sa Marky?"

"Thinksies he'sa taki'a shower… in Lysander's yùshì, " he giggled cheekily.

"Oh, " Cal tapped her nose, "so tā's lettin' the big man knock 'im then?"


Although Lysander could have his way with any of his servants, he seemed to spend far more time with Mark than anyone else. Some of the servants were jealous because that meant Mark got a larger bonus in his account at the end of the month, but Erik was never jealous. After all, Mark was his older brother and he shared his money with Erik happily.

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