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   Chapter 12 No.12

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"Just don't damage the House of Oxen's reputation." After getting an annoyed glare from Koris, she decided to let that part of the conversation go: "Are you going to primarily market to downtowners?"

"I'm going to empathise with them at the least and try to get the downtowners to understand that I want to help them. A real victory would be if I could get more uptowners to feel sympathy for them too."

"Good luck with that."

Both of their devices ringed simultaneously. Nikhita checked her wrist computer while Koris pulled out his tablet. After a skim read of what they had been sent both looked at each other with surprise.

"Did you just get a message from Lysander?" Nikhita asked as they halted just outside of the shuttle hangar.

"The one about his birthday bash?" Koris smirked. "Oh yes, yes I did."

Nikhita looked at the message again: "Hooray, it says we can each bring one guest… Now I have to figure out something to wear before tomorrow night."

Young raised his eyebrows. "Děngdài, you're not actually considering going are you?"

"Yeah, " she nodded slowly, "and you're going too."

He scoffed. "You're hilarious. It's a trap, Niki. He's going to try and ruin me and probably you too."

"Hey may be, " she agreed, "but it may ruin your more to seem like a foul player by not attend your opponent's party."

He considered this even if he did not want to. Nikhita gave him a hard pat on the shoulder.

"Besides, providing you keep your lips sealed, what's the


"Wǒ think it may be wiser if nǐ don't, but don't let me stop you."

She shrugged. "Wǒ have work to do. What about you, Mel?" Their daughter looked up from her meal upon hearing her name. "Do nǐ want to go?"

"No. Prince has invited wǒ to the cinema because his bà is having a party. Wǒ really have no interest in hanging around with a bunch of dull politicians."

Melody could not figure out why her father was glaring at her judgingly. Was it because she was disrespecting politicians or the fact she was going out with Prince?

"This close to election, try to avoid political talks with Princeton, " he warned. "If tā is anything like his bà–"

"He's not, " she growled.

Koris put his hands up defensively.

"Hey, it's not tā de fault. Lysander can get anyone to do his bidding. The man's a menace."

"Prince isn't a political guy, " Melody said proudly. "He likes artsy stuff."

"So he says, " her father muttered before taking another bite of his meal.

"Can I come?"

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