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   Chapter 11 No.11

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"Downtowners don't vote, " one said.

"Because they do not understand the point and there is no way to vote down there, but with over three quarters of the population below what if Koris appealed to them and the House of Oxen paid to put in voting systems for the downtowners?" he asked even though he wanted no answer.

"Like I said, " Naomi said calmly, "it's all speculation at the moment."

"My tactic is to appeal to a greater variation of people, " Koris boldly told the Oxen members. "I'm aware that I am simply a test subject for this election as Lysander is likely to win the election, but that means I have nothing to lose by doing my own experiments."

"Who do you want to appeal to?" one of the heads asked anxiously. "The generations below yours? That's not a very large demographic."

"There are a lot of downtowners that should have their say in who runs Manticore Metropolis, " he murmured in hopes that no one else would hear. Sadly, even Nikhita who was standing on the other side of the room at the door heard him. He knew that because of how quickly her eyes widened.

"You're hilarious" the head said in an aggressive tone. "I refuse to let the lunatics down below vote for things that affect my life."

"We vote for things that affect their life all the time, " Koris objected. "The downtowners don't even have any say in what happens to their water."

The head's nostrils flared: "Well I–"

"You should use that against Lysander!" one lady interjected without realising she had cut-off one of the heads. "The Jordanis family has owned the purest water in our pipes since we arrived on


"How so?"

Jordanis smiled manically. "You'll know soon enough."

The head who was sitting closest to him smiled as she stood up: "For a moment I thought that evil look on your face meant that you were going to spit out another Shakespearian quote that alluded to your master plan."

Lysander sighed jokingly. "I could not find any to fit the situation in my quote index. Well, except for 'fair is foul and foul is fair', but you don't even know what I'm talking about anyways."

"You're insane. You know that right?" Nikhita said in a strained voice as she escorted Koris to his shuttle. "Getting downtowners to vote is not going to win you any uptowner's favour."

"I have nothing to lose, " he replied sternly.

"Save the election."

"The House of Niú thinks I've already lost the election."

"But now your loss is certain."

"I'm doing what I think is right and that's all that matters, " he looked her directly in the eye. "This is my one chance to really change the city. Even if I do lose the election, at least I will have gotten my opinion out."

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