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   Chapter 10 No.10

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All the lords and ladies could not help but give Lysander a strange look as they found their seats in the dimly lit room. He sat at the head of the giant silver table with his feet up and orange smoke seeping from his mouth as he exhaled. Usually the House of Dragons heads did not allow smoking during a meeting, but this was Lysander's estate so he could do whatever he wanted… and it did help that he was the chairman candidate now.

Jordanis looked rather content on the outside regardless of how many thoughts were racing through his mind. He was not exactly stressed despite the situation and he could thank the orange cigarettes for that.

"Honestly, " he began in English which meant the whole meeting now had to be in English, "it's as if the House of Oxen intentionally wants to lose the election this year." Nobody answered, so Jordanis swung his feet off the table and leaned forward so that they all knew this was serious. "Give me all of it, all the dirt you have on this kid and someone explain why he's the new chairman candidate."

"Lord Lysander Jordanis." A holographic picture came up to match the name. "Old Earth English-European descendant. Age six-hundred and four until his birthday tomorrow. Son of Lord Preston Jordanis. He has been a major member of the House of Dragons for three-hundred years. Before then he taught economics and history at the University of Manticore…"

"Hang on a moment." Koris put his hand up to stop the presentation. Everyone around the bronze table looked away from the picture and at him instead. "Who is Lysander's mother?"

"We have no record of h

It's all speculation at the moment, " one of the heads of the House of Dragons, Lady Naomi Turay, said. "We believe that the House of Oxen knows they're going to lose the election this year, so they are simply testing unusual candidates, like Koris, to see what kind of approval rating they get from the civilians so they're more prepared in a decade."

"So you don't see Young as threat, " Lysander murmured, unconvinced. "I think we're underestimating him and that is exactly what the House of Oxen wants. That boy is going to have so much publicity on him due to his age that he could sway people his way via the media."

"That is unlikely, " the head laughed in a low voice. She – who used to be a 'he', but got bored of that gender – was of Old Earth African descendant which was impossible to tell because of her sickly white skin. "Nobody will be swayed by a seventy year-old."

"Nobody from the generations above him, but he may have more of an appeal than I do to the younger generations… and the downtowners."

The ears of everyone in the room perked up.

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