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   Chapter 9 No.9

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Koris just wanted Flick to start sleeping again so that when social services did their annual check-up on the boy, they would not declare him insane or 'unfit' for uptown society. If that happened, Flick would be shipped down to McCarty's Haven for Children, and then when he was twenty-five he would be thrown out onto the pavement before most likely getting killed by a crazy downtowner who wanted his organs – Koris did not want the young man to have this tragic fate when he knew it was avoidable.

"Just… think about it, " he whispered solemnly.

Flick did not reply, and he was not expected to. The young man was not much of a talker. Part of that was because of how shy he was, and the other part of it was because he had only started to learn proper English nine years ago – because he did not go to school in his first year uptown – which was when his dyslexia was discovered. He had not started learning Mandarin yet. Koris wanted the boy to have a good understanding of casual English before moved to formal Mandarin.

They soon reached their destination, and no surprise the glass doors that lead into Jīngāngshí Jìshù were locked. They could have continued walking down the skyway until they reached the next building but Kiddo was ready to go back to the apartment. The dog had originally gotten up because he had wanted to be fed, he had not been desperate to walk.

"You'ra gonna be really busy till the election thingy aren't ya?" Flick asked as they walked home.

Young was surprised to hear the downtowner-type language style breaking through. He presumed the boy was talking like that without even realising it.

"Yes, I suppose so, " he replied after a moment of

from the House of Dragons filed into the meeting room on Lysander's estate. Yesterday had been all about commemoration and grievance for the lost, but today had been the day when the new candidates were chosen from the parties.

Lady Fae Sonata was still the chairperson candidate from the House of Rats, but the original deputy chairperson candidate, Lady Arietta Sparrow, had perished in the attack so Lord Isaac Hobart had replaced her. Unsurprisingly, Lord Lysander Jordanis was the new chairperson candidate for the House of Dragons while his new deputy chairperson candidate was Lady Ester Banai. Lysander wasn't happy with having Ester chosen for him. The girl was only two-hundred and eight, but somehow she still wasn't the the youngest candidate running.

Koris Young had originally been a surprising choice for deputy chairperson candidate, and now he was an absolutely shocking choice for the chairman candidate. His deputy chairperson candidate, Lord Norman Blanc, was certainly not happy about Koris being the candidate and happily told the reporters that at the press conference after the decision was made.

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