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   Chapter 8 No.8

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Naturally, he opened the door and the dog slipped out. Had he left him in there he would have most likely woken Melody up to try and get her to open the door. Kiddo associated people waking up with food. No matter what time it was, he would expect you to feed him as soon as you got up.

"Shush, shǎ gǒu, " he muttered as Kiddo jumped around him while making snorting noises. "Wanna go for a walk? Huh, is that what you want?"

As soon as Koris heard the word 'walk' he heard the clicking of an opening door. Flick emerged from his room half-naked as he tried to step into his pants while walking. Once he finished hastily dressing he looked over at Koris and Kiddo and put on a smile that appeared to be masking his true emotions. His red, swollen eyes told Koris that the young man had been crying. He chose not to ask why Flick had been crying because he already knew the answer. It would always be the same answer.

Koris found himself averting his eyes from Flick's bare chest. The boy had lived with him, almost like a son, for ten years and yet he still was not used to seeing the abnormal structure of Flick's skeleton. Outsiders would think Flick was starving because his bones were so blatant underneath his skin.

"Can I come?" Flick whispered as to be considerate of the members of the house who were still asleep.

Koris nodded before dipping his hand into the glass bowl on the kitchen counter in search of the dog leash. "We're just going to Jīngāngshí Jìshù building and back."

"Okay, " Flick said before tip-toeing back into his room to quickly grab a shirt.

Koris looked away again when the young man turned to reveal his equally disturbing back. His spine throbbed with every movement he made as if it was a snake under his flesh. Although he was not sure why

ibe Koris. To Flick, that word only brought up painful memories… Memories that he wanted to remain where he had left them: downtown.

"You sleep at all tonight?" Koris asked to break the silence.

"Uh huh, " Flick replied, lying.

Young looked away for a moment as he thought about the best way to phrase his words: "I know I've said this before, " he paused when he saw Flick's worried expression, "but if you're not sleeping then I think you should give the medication Doctor Kùn suggested a chance. I think it could really help y–"

"No, " Flick said simply.

And that was that. Legally, Koris couldn't make the young man do anything he didn't want to. He was twenty-two, so he was recognised as an adult and Koris was not his legal guardian anyways. The boy had lived with the family for decade, but social services had guardianship of Flick up until he was twenty-five. The social service laws and requirements annoyed Koris. An uptowner child who was adopted would be happily relinquished by social services, and yet they always kept a leash on downtowner children so that they would be the deciders of the children's fate if for some reason they broke the law or went insane.

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