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   Chapter 7 No.7

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"They have nǐ."

"That's the wèntí. Wǒ only seventy. Even if I somehow managed to defeat Lysander at his own game in debating, there would still be the bias due to my age and the people would remain in favour of the oldest candidate."

Andromeda swallowed. She had only then just realised that with Penelope gone, the charismatic lord would be taking her place.

"All is uncertain at this time. Nǐ bù zhīdào if the House of Oxen will even choose to have wǒ as the zhǔxí candidate, " she said in broken Mandarin and English. Like her husband, she jumped between the languages when she was speaking casually, but when in formal company she would either speak fully in Mandarin or English.

"And, starting tomorrow, wǒ going to have to address the public, then have a meeting with the House of Oxen about the election whilst planning Finn's funeral service, " he moaned before scooping some water into his hand and throwing at his heating-up face.

His wife stared at him curiously. He did not necessarily seem sad about Lord Finn Yuan's death. He seemed more annoyed that he had to deal with it. She decided not to judge him for it. After all, he was going to be under a mountain of stress for a good long while. Had the election been even a few more months away, he probably would have found more time to mourn Finn, but with only a month he had so little time for his own thoughts.

"Tell the House nǐ don't want to be the zhǔxí, " she suggested.

"But I do want to be it, " he insisted with a strained voice. "It's just… wǒ wish I had longer to prepare for everything. I want to be the chairperson, and wǒ

ever design for the windows that the svellik set up just before the humans turned on them.

The city was very quiet that night. That was partly because of how late it was and partly because of the attack on the Parliament House. Even from this far away, Koris could still see the emergency shuttles flying to and from the rooftop where the missile had detonated. He wondered if Nikhita and Ghoad were still up there. Maybe it would have been wise for him to go back and try to help them. No, Nikhita would send him straight home again.

I could start writing my obituary for Finn, he suggested to himself.

Again, no. He certainly wasn't in the proper headspace to start a thing like that. He could always have another House of Oxen lord or lady of a lower ranking write it for him. Sadly, once the thought was in his head he began to mentally note down what he was going to say.

He glimpsed away from the window when he heard a scratching noise followed by a very quiet 'woof'. No matter how quiet he tried to be, Kiddo always heard him when he got up late at night.

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