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   Chapter 6 No.6

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Koris indistinctly swayed with the boy from side to side in attempt to calm him as he sobbed. He was certainly the most openly emotional member of the household. Although Melody was teary eyed, she had already gone back to the couch to watch her favourite soap opera which had just started. Andromeda was similar and had gone to the kitchen area to prepare dinner. The pair preferred to hide their emotions and reflect on them while continuing with their usual routines. Then there was Flick, who had never learned to control his feelings.

To an outsider looking in; there was something off about the family of four, and that was because they were not all family. Melody was very much Koris and Andromeda's daughter. She looked like a sixteen year-old clone of her mother, but her skin tone was more like her father's. Then there was Flick: the one that didn't make sense. He was not of Old Earth Asian heritage unlike the other three. Even if that fact was ignored, his facial structure was completely different. While the rest of the family had more rounded faces, his was long and sharp. While everyone else had straight silky black hair, he had chestnut brown hair that flicked out to match his name.

The differences from his family were not the only things about him noticed on first look. His body looked abnormal. Although he wasn't exactly a towering giant, he had elongated limbs that made him seem taller. The poor boy could not wear tight shirts without looking strange because of his rib cage that bulged out as if it wanted to tear through his skin and escape. Koris felt grief for the young man. All these traits, and then he had stunted learning and dyslexia. He loved his daughter, Melody, b

ror's reflection.

"I sure hope that wasn't your attempt to drown yourself, " she said calmly.

"No. It wasn't, " Koris gasped as he regained his breath.

Andromeda stepped into the bathroom as he reached for the towel. Looking down, she saw his House of Oxen robe on the floor. She had worked from home the whole day and yet she had still worn her black and red-lined chief consultant of synthetic agriculture robe. It went down to her knees unlike Koris' which went to his ankles unless it was a special occasion in which case he wore his robe which went down to the floor.

As he dried off his face, she reached down and picked up his robe before draping it over his shoulders. Koris was very aware of the robe's weight. It felt as if boulders had been tied to it, dragging him down.

"They're dead, " he said coldly. "Tāmen died only hours ago."

"The bastardly killer will be found."

"No." He made eye contact with her reflection. "The missile came from downtown. There are too many nutcases to put in the line-up." He dropped his head and sighed. "The House of Oxen doesn't have chance in hell now that Yuan is dead."

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