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   Chapter 35 An Explanation

The Life, Death and Life of Amelia Hollow By EJBowman Characters: 16918

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For those of you who are looking forward to the afterlife: Trust me, it's not that great. It's… nothing. The easiest way to describe it would be that it is just never-ending whiteness. I could not hear or feel anything. I was not even sure if I properly existed.

Wait. False alarm. I was not in the afterlife at all. I was in a place without time or space. The 4th dimension? Who knows? I'm not sure how long I was there for. Maybe milliseconds or maybe billions of years. There was no way to tell.

I would have shuddered if I had had a body. There was a loud screaming noise that came from every direction. It seemed to last forever even though it probably only lasted for a second.

There is no real way to explain what happened next: I just felt like I was expanding… very rapidly. I was exploding, and out of me came space and time. The dawn of the universe. Black space filled the whiteness. The shrieking sound continued, but now it was less frantic and more like a simple ringing noise.

I witnessed it all: every moment in time. The beginning and end of everything. I even witnessed my own life from birth to death. Even Chorst's life passed before my eyes. His tragic birth due to the death of his mother, his lonely childhood as his father was always away at Starside, and his years in the USM. I saw his death as well, but chose to quickly forget it like I did with my father's.

My mind travelled back to reality when I felt my body being dragged towards an incredibly large mass. There were no stars in the sky yet, only fiery explosions as the universe tried to create itself. It was terrifying to watch. It made you wonder how the universe ever settled down.

Apparently not everything was exploding. What I was being drawn towards was a planet that already had gravity and an atmosphere. From what I could see it was not a habitable planet. The ocean was made of molten rock.

This is gonna hurt. I thought as fell. Then various thoughts popped into my head. How was I still alive? I was in space without any protection. And if I was alive, then how did I not feel any pain? You know those dreams you have where you do all these crazy stunts but don't feel a thing? It was like that except something told me that this was not a dream. Surreal, but not a dream. My ability to see was the least of my thoughts despite the fact Tak had blinded me.

Wind rushed past me as I fell through the sky toward the lava planet. I was going so fast that I was going to hit this planet like a meteorite. In normal situations I would have burnt up in the atmosphere which meant I would only make it to the planet's surface in pieces, however there was nothing normal about anything that had happened to me in a while.

I wished I could have passed out when before I hit the planet because it was a terrifying. With a BANG I made a large crater in the black surface of the planet. Fully conscious, I watched as the lava slowly seeped down the crater and towards moi. I was not too afraid. Nothing else had killed me so the lava was not a threat. Right now the only threat was my own mind.

Blood hit the smouldering surface when I sneezed. There was a lot of blood which did not stop flowing after my single little sneeze. Not just my blood, my brain was going coming out of my nose as well. You could say I was feeling a little lighted-head after I lost my brain. Yes, it was nasty to the point that I wanted to vomit. Great, now I had a burnt body and I was missing my brain. How was still alive?

I'm not alive. I thought, despite the fact I had no brain to think it. Well… no organic brain. My mind was energy, 4th dimensional energy for that matter. I could store so much more knowledge. It was like upgrading from a computer from the 1980s to a computer from the 2080s. It was great to have this mind, but it did not matter now that I was being submerged in lava. I tried to swim in the molten rock, yet my body was still numb. There was no pain as the lava overcame me. Turning my rigid neck, I looked at the sky one last time before the molten rock completely swallowed me. The sky was as red as the fiery planet below it. It reminded me of how the sky looked on Earth looked at dawn. – It was beautiful.

A long time passed before the lava around moi hardened. I impassively thought about how I would be stuck there forever. It would take millions of years for civilizations to develop in the new universe. Maybe someday they would find my rotten burnt body, yet I doubted that would happen because I would be buried so deep in the planet.

This sucks. I thought.

Did time pass? How much time? Everything was a blur for a long time. After so much darkness I recalled seeing light. Real light. Possibly some blurry figures as well. Despite the fact I did not sleep, I do not recall what happened next. Maybe I closed my eyes. The light was too much for me to handle after so long.

In the blink of an eye I came-to. There was no bright light like before. I was in a dark space that had a small amount of light. As my vision cleared I

why I got my satellite to pick up the airwaves from Earth, but they did not understand the importance of Star Trek. I had not officially seen the show in billions of years. That show was the foundation of my youth. I do not fully understand why I was so desperate to watch the cheesy show. I believe it was the fragment of Amelia that remained a part of my mind that desperately needed to see the show. After witnessing my cruel tyranny, a part of me needed to go back to something so pure. Without that simple little show, Amelia's fascination with the universe would have never blossomed and she would not have attended Starside Academy.

For billions of years I have watched people suffer, and I have made people suffer. There was a reason I was feared and hated. I had written the history of my cruelty in the blood of trillions. I was not mean-spirited; I simply did not care. I met a young Sven and treated him no differently from any other second-class ambassador. There is a possibility I made cry at one point. Even when that imprudent blonde cadet muttered about me in the middle of my 'welcome cadets' speech I was not fazed by having my own blue eyes stare back at me. It only reminded me what a fool I had been.

The cadets of my old grade were pathetic, every last one of them. I could have saved some of them from their deaths on Tamarax Station. Time would not be affected by whether they lived or died, but why would I? They would all be dead in the long run anyways.

Despite letting him die, I still felt like I owed Kel something. Well… I did not feel as if I owed him anything. It was Amelia who had all the guilt. However, I played along because it would not require much effort on my part. The slow, painful death of Kel's father was actually rather enjoyable. There are some men in this universe that deserve to go quicker than others. Jaedorra, the intersex bride, and most of the algrin's wives were saved. Their species was on the verge of extinction, and I would not attempt to save a race as pathetic as theirs. I left it to Kel's widows to sort out the future of their species. Jaedorra was the light in the dark for them. She gave birth to twins: one girl and one boy. That was how the algrins would have to survive. The mutt children would have to carry on the algrin legacy. Not the sexist polygamy part of algrin culture; the older culture that existed before all that madness.

Save Tak, Frek and all Destin-Hey monks, no one knew who I used to be before I was Mel. Nobody would want to know my true identity even if they had access to the information. Imagine if Sven learned that his daughter had become the monster he had taught her to hate. If he had known that before Amelia was born he would have cut the life support to the artificial womb. He probably would have gone to the point of castration to prevent my existence. Amelia was dead, and it was for the best. She got to die a hero and would always be remembered fondly. If for some reason I ever vanished the galaxy would rejoice. Sadly, I was never going to vanish magically. I was destined to outlive the universe itself. Trust me, if suicide was optional for an immortal than I would have committed it billions of years ago. Eternal life was a curse, not a blessing. When you know you have an end you cherish the days you are alive. I cherish nothing because I have no end.

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