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   Chapter 34 Hall of Heroes

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The USM had a tradition of preserving the memory of their heroes in holographic monuments. The so-called 'USM Hall of Heroes' was located directly at the centre of Starside. Like an art museum; the halls were white while the ceiling was incredibly high. It was so silent that every footstep could be heard. USM personnel considered it the heart of Starside. You had to accomplish great things to make it into the hall. Personnel aimed to get their name in the hall. Few would, but the glorious hall was worth working towards.

Over two months had passed since my death. Now, the other cadets and I who had died at the battle of Tamarax Station were getting our place in history. Not just because we had died in the battle (and died saving the universe in my case), but because we were the first second-class citizens to get a spot in the Hall of Heroes. Well… all of our species used to be second class. It was a shame that some of us has had not lived to see all the second-class species represented at Starside Academy be upgraded to first-class.

A lot had changed in a couple of months. The places left by the dead cadets had been replaced by a mixture of first and second-class cadets. Now our grade was not only the first grade to be made up of second-class cadets at Starside Academy, it was the first grade to have a mixture of first and second-class species. The USM's discriminative attitudes were shifting. Soon, even third-class citizens would be able to take part in the USM.

The USM was not the only thing that was shifting. The United States of America had dealt with some major changes. American blew itself apart in the most recent civil war. At first it appeared that the Right Wingers had won the remains of the country… and then China swooped in to pick up the pieces… and ultimately take over the country. My father had left the planet just as this terrible civil war began. He left Geraldine almost all of his money, but took some now that all the currency on Earth had been exchanged for USM credits. My father only took enough money to get by on; he knew Geraldine would need the rest because he was not fit to get a job. The last thing Sven heard about his ex-husband was that Geraldine had fled America. He was not sure where he moved seeing as he never used his plane ticket back to Jamaica, however he figured he would be fine.

Sven felt strange as he walked around the 'Hall of Heroes'. He knew where my monument was, but he was not quite ready to look at it. He was currently looking at Nis's. The holographic monument showed the golden boy skipping

of the few in the Hall of Heroes that was not a fighter. She was there because of her literacy.

Sven did not like the hologram. It was still too soon after my death for him to praise it. What disturbed him about it was that my hologram seemed so lifelike.

"A bit of a fighter, wasn't she?" Della said warmly as she watched the hologram fight ghosts.

"Yeah." Sven said quietly with a small smile.

He took a step back. It was strange making eye contact with a ghost. My father honestly felt like I was looking back at him. It was not right, and he didn't want to stare at a ghost any longer.

"Anybody feel like trying the new Starbucks over in the ambassador food court?" He asked with the clap of his hands, signifying he was done.

Yes people, the day Earth became recognized as a first-class planet was the same day eighteen Starbucks opened at Starside alone. Aliens, especially the ambassadors who had too much free time, enjoyed the morning tradition of running to get a morning coffee and muffin. Humans had always discussed globalization… now they discussed galacticlization.

"Sounds good." Della replied. She was surprised how little time it had taken for Sven to examine his daughter's holographic monument. Then again, maybe that was because he had to move on with his life without me or he would be swallowed by the sadness.

Sven did look back as he walked away with Della, Cacey and Cameron. He had felt my holographic eyes staring into his back as he left. Because the monument was so convincing, he almost felt as if he should have waved goodbye. He didn't, of course, because he did not want to look insane. My father just smiled at my holographic image and then looked forward again.

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