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   Chapter 30 A Fate Worse than Death

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Sven was not reanimated. He just had to wait for the effects of the stun gun to wear off. In his daze, he had no awareness of his surroundings. The first sign that something was not right was when there was a sharp pain in his right toe. My father slowly lifted his head, straining his stiff neck, to see the cause of the annoyance. His eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when he saw a winged rat-like creature chewing through his retro black Converse shoes. He sat up instantly and tried to shake the creature off. The little pest hissed before gliding across the floor and through the bars of his cell.

The prison cell was old. The only new thing in it was Sven, and the window that stared out into blackness. My father swore in Swedish as he stood up on the grey bench to get a better look out the window. Just at the bottom of the glass he could see parts of Tamarax Station. Fear sunk into his chest. This was the last place he wanted to be in the universe.

His own body-glove covered body surprised him. My father could vaguely recall one of Tamarax's soldiers dressing him in it. He remembered that the soldiers had talked about his body in their own strange language. One may have fondled him, but the memory was a blur.

Sitting back on the bench, Sven padded his pockets in search of the little translator. He had it on him at all times in case Cameron spontaneously called him. It was buried underneath the handkerchief in the right pocket of his jacket. My father felt uncomfortable putting it in with his shaky hands. He winced we he scratched the delicate inside of his ear while putting it in. Just in time; he cocked his head when he heard mumbling coming from the cell over.

Stepping over one of the dead reptilian pests on the floor, he made his way to the invincible metal bars. Sven was greeted by an electric shock when he tried to squeeze his head through the bars to peer out into the cellblock. His left show made a squishing noise when he staggered backwards and stepped on the dead creature.

"Shit." He muttered as he dragged his foot along the ground to clean the green goo of his sole.

"Wake up already!" He heard a woman hiss a few cells down.

Sven bit his lip. Did he dare call out? He certainly did not want to get the attention of the bulky soldiers or Tamarax.

"Hello?" He called out hesitantly.

His voice echoed through the cellblock. At first, he thought there was going to be no reply, but then the woman responded: "Who's that?"

"Err… Sven Hollow?"

"Never heard of you."

"Well, who are you?" He called back. The woman was obviously not Tamarax.

"Dub First Off Veck of Starside Academy."

My father's eyes widened. "Starside Academy? Is Amelia… Am, with you?"

Veck did not reply immediately she looked around her own cell, and then to the cells across from her just to check. She had not seen me before when they were originally beamed, and that had not changed since.

"No." She called back. She then realized who Sven was. "Wait, you're her father aren't you?"

"Yeah!" He called back. "What happened? What are you doing here?"

"I was hoping you could tell me." Veck laughed. "I think all this crap has to do with your daughter. Tam's soldiers collected us when we were regenerating, but your daughter was not in her chamber."

Sven was not sure how to feel about that. Did that mean I was safe or not?

"Am's father?" Donn called out when he came-to. "Am and her dub cap aren't with us. D-did Am ever tell you anything that suggested she knew Tamarax was coming for us?"

Veck looked Donn in the cell across from her. That was the best question he had asked in his entire time as a cadet. He was in a cell with Jee, Merr, Zand, Henn, Marsh, Or, Va and Kel while Veck was with the rest. The cells were not very large, so they were incredibly cramped with most cadets still passed-out on the floor or benches. Everyone who had been captured was still present. – Good.

"No." Sven called back to the fishy boy anxiously. He questioned how much I had not told him if I was in trouble with Tamarax.

Kel jumped to his feet. "We got to get out of here."

Sven cringed we he heard the algrin moan in pain when he grasped the electrified bars. Kel landed humiliatingly Marsh who was lying peacefully below him. The gegemetelner was fully awake now.

"The bars are electric." My father called out.

"No, really?" The algrin muttered sarcastically.

"Careful." Veck told Kel haughtily. "He is Am's father. He could kick your ass just like she did."

Oh. Sven thought. So he is the phallic I've heard so much about.

"You're lucky these electric bars separate us." Kel hissed.

"Chill." Donn put his hand on the algrin's shoulders. "I really don't think now is the time."

"How are we going to get out?" Jhan asked Donn from across the cells.

Donn shrugged nonchalantly. "How should I know? I never trained for this!"

"Wait, Am's father is here too?" Merr purred as he stretched out like a cat. "Where is he?"

"Over here." Sven called out again. The conversation with the cadets was accomplishing nothing.

All of them fell silent when they heard a heavy door open. Tamarax skipped in followed by her little blue slave and two soldiers. She felt her plan was coming together… until she looked into the two cadet cells. He smile vanished.

"Wait, where's Am?" She asked Kel as he was closest. "Did she escape?"

The algrin raised an eyebrow: "You did not capture her. Remember?"

Her eye twitched, but she smiled. "Yes, forgot that we weren't following that script."

KC2203 turned away from his master. He got to see her like nobody else did. She was completely insane. Her deteriorating brain could not tell dreams form reality. She would probably ask Kel again in a few minutes where Am was. It was like she had 4th dimensional-induced Alzheimer's. He hoped I arrived soon… and killed her.

"She'll be here soon." Tamarax reassured my father as she strode up to his cell. "She has to come here to save her daddy, aft

raised the handkerchief. The Swede smiled humbly and dropped the piece of white cloth on the boy's knee for him to pick up in his own time. KC2203's one good eye shifted from the white cloth to Sven repeatedly until he picked it up and used it to cover the scarred left side of his face.

"Sorry." The slave clone said when he pulled the cloth away from his eye for a brief moment to look at it. "I think I've stained it."

"Keep it." My father waved away the apology. "I've got plenty at…"

Home. Sven pondered. With the civil war… and Geraldine. There's no real home to go back to. Well, if I survive this.

"You sure?" The blue boy asked suspiciously. "You want me to have it?"

"Yeah. It's yours."

"Thank you." He whispered meekly.

My father was not sure how much of a gift the handkerchief really was. The poor blue boy had already bled right through it. Then again, he did not understand how much possessions meant to the fragile creature. KC2203 owned nothing except his soul. Tamarax owned everything else.

"You're a human." The blue boy noted.

"And you're an… aldoren?"

"Uh huh." He nodded happily.

"Sven Hollow." My father stuck his hand out politely.

KC2203 was a little confused at first. He pinched the top of Sven's hand delicately and shook it, leaving a little dark blue blood on the pale man's hand. "KC2203." He replied.

"Wait." My father raised an eyebrow. "What?"

The blue boy repeated his liscence, but Sven did not change his confused expression. "You're a clone?"

"Yes." KC2203 shrunk as Sven looked at him.

"Where are the others like you?"

"I don't know." He shook his head. "Off mining somewhere in the galaxy… or dead."

"But Tam kept you here?"


"But she didn't give you a name?"

"Never felt the need to."

Sven leaned back and rested his head on the hard wall. "KC2203 is a big name to carry."

"It's not a name. It's a liscence."

"True." My father thought for a moment. "Can I just call you Cacey?"

"Huh?" The slave clone titled his head.

"Cacey." Sven repeated. "It's like K-C, but it's spelt C-A-C-E-Y. It's an Earthling name."

Although the two men did not share the same alphabet, the blue boy's translator picked up the name 'Cacey' which could easily be pronounced in his own language. The major difference was how the name would be spelt. In the aldoren language, Fweth, there was no 'C' or 'K'. Both letters were replaced by an 'S' so if his name was translated into written Fweth and then back to English it would be 'Sasey'. That's why in his own language his liscence was actually SS2203.

"Are you sure I can have it?" The boy asked, hopefully.

Sven nodded. "You deserve it."

The aldoren dropped his legs back onto the floor. He saw no point in trying to defend his body anymore. Sven was obviously his friend. The Earthling was kind to him. He'd even given him a name. Sven had been kinder to him in a few minutes than Tamarax had ever been in thirty years.

"I like the name." Cacey said cheerfully while swinging his legs like a child. Sven did not have to be a genius to know the blue boy had a crush on him. My father smiled. He was happy he had made the slave clone happy because he figured the end of both of their lives was coming soon.

"Why does Tam want my daughter?" He asked to dampen the cheerful atmosphere in the prison cell.

The blue man froze. "I-I thinking it has something to do with the 4th dimension. She needs to kill her because y-your daughter may be the only thing that stands in the way of Tam reshaping the universe… or something like that."

Sven stared blankly at the boy. The thought of moi, his daughter, being wrapped-up in 4th dimensional matters was shocking. He felt he knew less and less about his child every moment.

Cacey wiped the dark blue blood off onto his tight pant leg before putting his hand on my father's shoulder. "I'm so sorry. Your daughter, she has to stop Tamarax."

My father continued to stare blankly ahead. Confusion had set in.

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