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   Chapter 29 When a Stranger Calls

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Chorst and I chose not to stay in the cadet quarters. They were too creepy and quiet. Out of the corner of my eye I kept thinking I saw cadets, and then when I turned there was nothing there. We instead went to the dub ship hangar and sat next to the Mar ship. I intended to call Cameron first, but Chorst insisted that we be ready to hop on a dub spaceship in case USM security came looking for us.

Data's blue screen had three blue dots running across it as it tried to contact my brother. The harsnic was probably asleep, yet something in my gut told me he would reply.

There are pros and cons to wearing a helm when you're losing you mind: A pro is that the trinard could not see my constantly twitching eye or my blood-stained nose, the con was that I had a bleeding nose and could not deal with it properly. I just had to keep sniffing and hope it would soon go away. The Frenchy seemed to look up every time I sniffed. He probably thought I was crying. – He didn't know I was not the 'crying' type. The last recorded time I cried was when I watched the Phantom Menace back when I was still single digits. I was more or less crying out of pain than sadness.

"Amelia?" I smiled when Cameron's jaded image came up. "Are you alright? Why are you in armour?"

His panicky questions suggested that he had heard about the security breach at Starside Academy. He had just been planning to contact moi before I called him.

I sniffed. "Sorry Cam. Did I wake ya?"

The harsnic shook his head. "No. Well, in one sense you did."


"I was specifically awoken when there was a breach at Starside Academy. After all, I am your brother." He ran his fingers through his hair before they reached his beret. There were subtle voices coming from behind him. Luckily, they were less aggressive than usual. "Where are the other cadets?"

"That's what I'm calling about." I muttered. He looked confused. "They've been captured. Only me and one other cadet are safe." I adjusted my wrist so the camera lens could see Chorst too. "Tamarax Deloro has the others."

"What?" The harsnic yelped before he realized he was being too loud for such an early time in the morning. "Tamarax?" He tried to say more modestly, but still very anxiously.

Now there were more voices behind Cameron. They hadn't heard what I had said –due to the fact I was speaking into Cameron's earpiece only– but they had heard him say 'Tamarax'. That name was enough to concern anybody.

"And I need your help t–" I stopped talking when another person came into view onscreen. It was First Off Tek of the Titonic. You remember the one who looked like a jellyfish fairy?

Although I could not hear her as well as I could hear Cameron, I had no doubt she was angry. My poor brother. I just repeatedly humiliate him don't I?

"One moment, " Cameron looked at me meekly, "Cap Gor and First Off Tek want to talk to you."

He could not see my expression, so I subtly shook my head to tell him 'no'. The harsnic gave me a sympathetic look. He did not want to have Gor and Tek joining the conversation either. He feared he would get in more trouble than I would.

"The captain and first officer want to talk to me." I told Chorst before sniffing again.

"I will join the conversation as well." He said.

Hesitantly, I sent Chorst a call request. The screen split in half to fit him and my brother as well. Shortly after, Tek and Gor's faces split the screen into four windows. For some reason the windowed screen reminded me of the Brady Bunch opening. I hummed the theme quietly. Tek looked angry, and Gor looked just as anxious as Cameron. It was obvious who had real power in the Titonic.

"Dub First Off Am, " Tek began slowly, "we heard about the tragic incident with the cadets, but we also hear you mention Tamarax Deloro. Explain!" She demanded aggressively.

"I did." I admitted while sniffing. "But that's not why I called."

"Where is your supervisor?" She asked coldly.

I shook my head. "I just need to speak to my brother… Preferably privately."

"Why did you say Tamarax's name?"

"Err…" I sighed, I would just tell her the truth. Who knew? Maybe she would help if she knew Tamarax was involved. "Tamarax Deloro has captured the cadets, and the USM cannot do anything because they do not know the coordinates of her station."

"We have found the obvious location of Tamarax Station." Chorst said.

"Yeah." I nodded. "So… we were wondering if we could have some help going to get them."

The looks on Cameron, Gor and Tek's faces were hilarious. I decid

situations, nobody would defend a 'mongrel' like Cameron, but Gorirtz was a very good man. He would not let weak little creatures like my brother be bullied when he was around. What he did not know was that Cameron was not as weak as he looked. My brother snapped, clenched his fist, and caught Tek in the jaw. A very shocking scene seeing he was much shorter than her.

Now, do not think less of my brother for hitting a woman. The United Systems of Mel standards made sure men and women were treated equally. They never even thought about the different genders until it came to 'maternity leaves'. Having equal genders meant there were no double-standards. A man could hit a woman as easily as he would hit a man (or vice versa). I'm not sure where I stood on that. On Earth, although genders were equal in the western world, unless a woman was bioengineered like me they were generally not as strong as a man. That was simply because of lack of testosterone. I do not have that much testosterone in me, but I had just enough that I easily become aggressive. In the USM; the genders were genetically more equal. Woman like Veck were certainly equal to men. In fact, she was stronger than many men. Gender had no effect on how much she kicked somebody's ass. Even if it did; she was hermaphrodite so she could become a man if she felt it would help her win a fight.

Cameron instantly regretted hitting Tek, but he could only take so much crap. Nobody got to call him a mongrel, insult his father and second-class species. The first officer had pushed the little harsnic just a little too far.

Enraged, Tek grabbed his neck and squeezed until he started choking. Her species was a perfect example of equal genders. All of her kind was packed with an alien version of testosterone.

My brother grabbed her arm and tried to push her away but with no avail. Her grip continued to tighten around his small neck until a bolt of electricity ran through her body. She jittered before collapsing on the metal floor.

The harsnic coughed for a moment before looking at Gorirtz. The mantis-like alien had taken the emergency gun from the armrest of his captain's chair. His insect face could not reveal much emotion so Cameron could not figure out what he was thinking.

"You may want to report back to your chamber before she is reanimated." He said shakily. "Otherwise, she will do things to you beyond my control."

The harsnic swallowed. Despite her immobility, she still terrified him.

"Please sir." He looked pitifully at Gor. "I need to go help my sister. Whether she's right o-or just insane I have to help her." He looked down. "I promise I'll accept all charges when I return. I-I just need to make sure she… and possibly my father are safe."

Gor was torn. He knew my brother just wanted to do what was best for his family, but if he aided him he would be breaking USM law. He sighed. Gorirtz had already breached the USM laws by stunning his own first officer. Now, it really depended on how deep he wanted his grave to be.

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