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   Chapter 27 The Quiet Mansion

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"Sven!" Geraldine shrieked overdramatically as he ran around the mansion looking for his husband. "Harry was killed! That Shea Hernandez girl did him in. Amelia was right; that woman is a bitch!"

His voice echoed through the mansion but there was no reply. Geraldine's blue tunic rippled as he dashed up the stairs. When he could not find his husband, the first places he checked were the holo communications room and then his office on the third floor. When he was in neither of the rooms Geraldine was a little concerned.

"Geraldine?" A voice called from the floor below. It was Clara.

He jumped the last two steps and strode over to the maid. Her anxious expression was concerning. She uncurled her fingers to reveal an empty dusk syringe. Geraldine turned to stone at the sight of the dirty little thing.

Oh fuck. He thought in a panic.

"Where did you find that?" He demanded. "Did you show it to Sven?"

"Sven's the one who found it." Clara whispered. "He told me I should give it to you."

He scratched his scalp with his manicured nails. Sven was mad… Very mad. Geraldine knew how much his husband hated dusk. The number of deaths the drug had caused was nauseating. 'Dusk babies' had horrible mutations due to their parents' addiction. When they got married, Sven had made it very clear that they could not have a child –through either a surrogate mother or artificial womb–because their child would have had a high chance of having a harmful mutation. Geraldine had never wanted children anyways, but the idea that he could not produce healthy kids saddened him.

The effects of dusk were like the effects of AIDS and meth of the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth centuries. Even if you gave up the drug the effects would never fully go away. Geraldine had been very good at concealing his addiction from Sven (and moi until I saw his arm). If he was ever showing signs of dusk poisoning, he could just say they were the aftermath effects of his 'old days of dusk'. Now Sven knew that was a bald-faced lie. – Not good.

"You know where he's gone?" He said in the calmest voice he could muster.

"For a walk, I think." She put the syringe in the pocket of her waist apron. She doubted that Geraldine wanted to hold onto it. "You better show him the press conference video. You two are probably gonna need to move country soon if you wanna miss the civil war."

He ignored her and instead sprinted down the stairs. What was he going to say to Sven? 'I'm sorry' was probably not going to cover it. The Swede had paid for all his treatment, stood by him while he was 'rehabilitated', and been huge campaigner for eradicating dusk. Sven had hated dusk for longer than he had known Geraldine. His older brother, Frank, had always been a spirited artsy fellow, but dusk had changed all of that. One night his body could not handle the poison anymore and he went into cardiac arrest. Sven was still in high school when he died. He never spoke about his brother, not even to moi despite the fact my middle name was 'Frank'.

Geraldine finally saw Sven. He was walking through the field behind their mansion. He was wearing a heavy brown jacket with the collar up, and his hands in the pockets. From where Geraldine was standing he did not appear mad, however the quick speed he was walking at let Geraldine know how Sven was feeling.

He did not call out his husband's name as he jogged after him. Alerting him that he was there would only make Sven walk faster. He had a right to be mad, but like me, he could be overdramatic, especially now that both of his children were in a dangerous navy halfway across the galaxy. He had learned about Geraldine's dusk addiction at the worst possible time in his life. The lack of control over his children's safety was tearing Sven to pieces, so learning that his husband was a dishonest drug addict was too much for him to take.

Everything was falling

w would he tell the police what had happened? Could they even do anything to get Sven back?

The confused Swede found himself standing in a fluorescently lit room. The air was cool like inside a refrigerator although that was the last thing on Sven's mind. Once the room began to stop spinning he was able to make out the figures in front of him. Most of them were grey and black hulks, but in front of them stood a small figure with a white face. And on the smaller figure's left was an equally small blue figure.

He rubbed his eyes underneath his glasses. Then the figures came into focus. A normal person would be afraid of the giant rhinoceros-like creatures, yet Sven knew better. He knew to fear their leader; Lady Tamarax Deloro.

Tamarax smiled when she saw that the Earthling recognized her. They had never met, but back when Sven was an ambassador they would have informed him about her.

My father forgot about the translator in his chest pocket, however Tamarax spoke to him in perfect English. "How are you doing?" She asked tauntingly.

"What?" He asked, perplexed by the entirely random situation.

There was no time for answers. Sven dropped when a bolt of electricity ran through his body. Although he was still conscious, he could not move a muscle. One of the hulk aliens picked him up like a ragdoll and turned for the door.

"Make him a body-glove before you put him away." Tamarax called out haughtily as the henchman and my victimized father left. "We want to be courteous hosts."

"Why do you need him?" Her meek blue friend asked.

She traced his spine with one of her long black nails. He shuttered under her touch, but did not dare to move away. "If all goes well I should not need him." She hummed. "So long as Am is a good girl and follows her script everything should go down very easily. However, if something changes I will have the girl by the throat if I bring her father into the crossfire." She tapped her wrist computer and dialled the pilot. "Take us home, Vem. We're done here."

KC2203 did not ask any more questions. He knew Tamarax's brain was falling apart so hardly anything she said made any sense. That was the problem with having 4th dimensional knowledge in an organic brain. Tamarax could not differentiate her ambitions from her reality. No matter what she did, he doubted her plans would go accordingly. Seeing as the meteor/ship was already on its path for hitting the star with a lot of time energy around it, he thought she was going to get the universe, but a part of him hoped she didn't. A universe ruled by Tamarax would be terrible.

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