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   Chapter 26 Déjà vu

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President Harry Darwin arrived back at the White House very late that night, and he was not alone. He and Dr. Shea Hernandez had decided to celebrate the comet-won't-hit-Earth day by going for a night on the town. Was it inappropriate for the president of the United States to go into town at midnight? Yes, but Harry was a crap president who would do whatever the hell he wanted. Hell, he even brought a bag of alcohol from his private stash into town just to prove he was trash.

Mr. Flandry had stayed up waiting for the president to return. He had repeatedly contacted his security officers for the night and noted when Harry had moved location with the 'president tracker' application on his phone. Harry was a very despised president. Everyone in the country would recognize the boyish face of their dictator. Sure, Harry had thrown on a hat and glasses, but that was not a good enough disguise. He really had to be more careful or Mr. Flandry had no doubt the boy would be murdered.

Dominic tried to tell all the notifications he had missed since he had been out partying, yet the man-child was too tipsy to care and dismissed Mr. Flandry for the night. He was far more interested in Shea Hernandez.

Mr. Flandry felt like screaming at the idiot. There were some issues revolving around Florida and its residents. They were quiet. No riots, protests, nothing. That was disturbingly suspicious for such an unhappy state. Dominic had sent an investigation squad over –without asking Harry's permission– but they had not replied yet.

Despite it not being the real White House and only a bad copy, Harry slept in the replica of the Lincoln Bedroom. Of course, he had made many changes to make the room more 'homey'. Despite being 'president', Harry had never thought a woman would come into his room. He made Shea wait outside as he quickly cleaned his room. As soon as he let her in, he became suddenly embarrassed by his collection of chauvinist steampunk anime dolls. Shea did not notice them… or at least pretended not to notice them.

He was forced down quickly onto the bed by Shea's robotic hand. "You're not a virgin, right?" She asked. Her words slurred together which was strange seeing as she had had far less to drink than him that night. – Not that Harry took notice.

"No." He giggled: A sign he was probably lying. – Shea could have figured that out from his bedroom which just screamed 'virgin'.

"But I'm guessing you've never had sex with a cyborg."

"Is it really that different?"

Shea smiled. Harry would find out soon enough…


It was three in the morning and Shea still could not wipe the smile off Harry's face. The president had learned that sex with a cybertronic woman was very different from sex with a normal woman. Shea instantly regretted ever touching the boy. She felt he was beneath her with his lower IQ and disturbing doll collection. However, turning the president down would have been a hard task. Previous presidents had put men and women in jail if they rejected them.

"Wow." Harry said for the fifth time. He was still out of breath.

Dr. Hernandez noticed the bruises forming on the pale boy's chest, face and shoulders. He's going to hurt in the morning. She thought. If… there is a morning for him.

Still drunk, Harry leaned in to kiss Shea. Unfortunately, she quickly pulled back at the last moment and he missed. "Go take a shower." She said like a condescending mother.

"But I don't wanna." He moaned childishly.

Shea smiled, yet her eyes commanded him to go take a shower. She turned her head in the opposite direction when the pale naked boy stumbled towards the bathroom. Never in her life had she been more disgusted by a naked man.

"Care to join me?" Harry peeked his head around the door after a few seconds.

She smiled: "Maybe… but not right now."

The drunken president did not hear the reluctance in Shea's voice and took her 'maybe' as a 'yes' and smiled before moving back to the shower. Dr. Hernandez gagged silently.

The security cameras in the bedroom were like three little eyes all gazing at the bed. Harry had warned Shea about them before they arrived back at the White House. He promised that the cameras would be off, but Shea doubted that Mr. Flandry would permit that for safety reasons. Only Harry's private bathroom was free of cameras. Dominic only allowed this because there were no windows and only one exit.

Shea eyed the cameras as she walked beguilingly towards the bathroom. The door creaked as she pushed it, yet Harry did not hear. He was facing the nozzle, lost in his drunken thoughts. The shower door was also open. Shea raised her eyebrows. The boy had probably left it open for her.

Perfect. She mused when she stepped in the forming pool of water just beyond the shower door. This idiot is doing my job for me.

His eyes met hers when he turned and saw her standing in the shower's archway. Harry did his best to not break eye contact. However, his gaze slowly trekked down her body. Her harsh robotic limbs were surprisingly alluring to him. Then again, it was not that unexpected he found her attractive seeing as he loved anything to do with technology. A cyborg woman was something from his dreams.

"Hi." He said, blushing. Despite having just had sex with Dr. Hernandez, he was embarrassed by his own nudity. Compared to Shea who was obviously in incredibly good shape, he felt rather unfit.

The boy was dumbfounded when her robotic arm shot out like lightning and grabbed his shoulder. With no warning, he was forced out of the shower.

"Wha–?" He garbled. The weak boy tried to push himself away from Dr. Hernandez, but she was too strong.

Her robotic hand moved to the back of his head and squeezed. Before Harry could react, he was thrown down face-first at the sink. There was a cracking noise when his temple made contact with the porcelain basin. His body was limp as he lay at Shea's feet. Even his drunk father put up more of a fight. She thought. Pathetic.

The cybertronic woman did not bother to check his pulse. It would not matter if he was alive or dead because she doubted he would remember a thing if he woke up. She had done her job, now her dear allies had to do theirs. Dr. Hernandez instead and strode back into the master bedroom with a horrified expression painted on her face. She debated calling for help, or getting dressed first. Which one would an innocent person do first?

Shea hastily grabbed Harry's phone out of his pant pocket. Mr. Flandry was the number one emergency contact on the phone.

"Yes Mr. President?" He said. Dominic had been so quick to the phone Shea guessed he had not slept since Harry told him that he was going on a date.

"It's not Harry. I-I mean it's not President Harry Darwin." She stuttered. The 'fear' in her voice was incredibly obvious.

"Dr. Hernandez." Dominic noted. "What's happened?"

"Harry was t-taking a shower and I went in and… and he must have stepped out and slipped and… and…"

"I'm on my way." He said before abruptly hanging up.

It was hard to keep an anxious expression when Shea felt like celebrating. Providing Harry did not wake up within the next few hours and that her dear allies did their part, everything was going to plan. The final problem was Dominic Flandry; the man who was the reason that the thread government was hanging on by had not snapped. She would have to continue to play the innocent witness until the time was right.

Dr. Hernandez was half-dressed when the door swung open. She had decided not to get fully dressed as that would make it seem as if she had focused more on her clothing than the limp president in the bathroom. Plus the security officers that followed Dominic were intrigued by her robotic limbs. They distracted from her wonderful acting skills. The main man

sassinate Harry?" Dominic asked curiously. A horrible thing to ask seeing as the corpse of Harry was in the room with him, but he needed to know.

Shea shrugged: "I wanted to get it done as soon as possible, but Leona Adams had to vanish first. The nation was out looking for her. Then Shea Hernandez had to be situated in Darwin Enterprises where I thought I would be working hand-in-hand with the president, but all I ever got to meet was his personnel when we did government projects."

"And then Amelia Hollow arrived." Mr. Flandry whispered.

"And then Amelia Hollow arrived." Shea repeated, nodding slowly with a malevolent smile. "Because of her, I got to attend lunch at the White House. I only had one shot, so I had to make sure Harry remembered me. I bickered with him, then called to apologize an–"

"I think I know the rest."

Shea smiled even though she was a little annoyed that she did not get to finish her monologue.

The woman was not working with the underground resistance to free the locked-up Right Wingers. All she wanted was revenge. Dominic questioned his own competence if he had let so many rebels and traitors pass right by him. He was the one who gave the final call for having moi (yes, I'm still narrating), Sven, Geraldine, and the scientists from Darwin Enterprises come over for a celebratory lunch. He should have done more background research on whom he was letting walk through the door.

"Tell me, " Shea asked, "do you honestly think the death of two dictators is such a bad thing?"

"I don't under normal conditions." He said truthfully. "However, can you honestly tell me that you and the rebels will run this country better and bring sanity back to this hellhole?"

"I think a trained ape could run this country better than either of the Darwin's."

(I know this is not my story, but do you get Shea's 'ape' and 'Darwin' joke? And you thought my jokes were bad!)

Dominic opened the blinds properly. There were a dozen men and women in dark clothing strolling casually into the yard. This is it. He thought. America is about to have a whole new civil war.

"What's your name?" He asked while blankly watching the men and women come into the White House.


"Who were you back when you used to live in New Utah?"

Something snapped in Shea's brain and she was filled with anger. Dominic did not have time to react when he felt a bullet rip through his torso.

"It's-called-Mon-tana!" She snarled in-between shots.

Mr. Flandry looked her in the eyes as he fell like a puppet that had its strings cut. After years of being an actress, the woman was unleashing all her built-up rage. He had no final thoughts, his life did not flash before his eyes and he did not walk into the light. Dominic simply died.

The cybertronic woman looked back and forth between her two victims. For some reason she could not help laughing. Not out of joy, but relief. She was relieved that she had finally avenged her son. She could die peacefully now.

"Jane?" She asked into her earpiece.

"Yeah?" A meek voice replied.

"Harry Darwin and Dominic Flandry are dead. I'm gonna need you to hold the press conference about the situation today and warn the public who's in charge now."

"What?" Jane replied, annoyed. "Where are you going?"

"To hell."

"Besides hell."

"Where do you think? I'm going back into hiding. Seeing as I've murdered two presidents I think any of their psychotic followers are gonna be out to get me."

There was silence on the other line for a moment. "Fine." Jane finally replied. "And if you change again, go for a Northern European look so you'll be virtually unrecognizable. Well, except for the cyborg parts."

Shea smiled. Jane had been her dearest friend since the day she was recovered by the rebellion. Jane had lost two daughters so the pair could connect.

"We'll see about that." She said with a smirk. "I'll meet you in Miami when all of this is over."

"Okay. Have fun in hiding."

Jane hung up, and Shea was left alone again. For some reason she felt as if the bodies on either side of her could move at any moment. Death still felt very surreal to her despite the fact she had witnessed so much of it. When her son died, a part of her could not believe it. In the aftermath of the drone attack she continued to massage his bloody scalp with her one good arm as if to comfort the lifeless child.

Anger built up in her again when she realized she still was not satisfied. She had killed the men who caused the death of her child, but it wasn't enough. Her heart was a bottomless cup that could never be filled, and she knew that. Now that she had avenged her son she saw no point in living.

She was torn from her thoughts when she heard guns going off downstairs. After looking at both men to reassure herself they were both still dead she fled the room. She had done her part, now the rebellion could do theirs. Shea was not a natural fighter. She intended to live out the upcoming civil war on an isolated beach in Hawaii. Who knew? Maybe she would even get cosmetic surgery done so that she could look like her original self. She had not seen that woman in a while. It would be nice to meet her again.

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