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   Chapter 20 Lost in Space (Not Really)

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The Dub crew spaceships were not as marvellous as any of us expected. The Galle/Gall spaceship really just looked like high-tech Winnebago with wings (like the one in Spaceballs).

Robots had done their best to polish the ships, but we could all still see the old dents and scratches from the previous dub crews who used them as bumper cars. I was not allowed to judge. My old shuttle, Liffy, was worse-off and I loved her to pieces… in a literal sense.

"I hope you were all listening during tactics." Alk said while eyeballing particular people.

Donn gulped behind me semi-jokingly. We had both become really bad about listening once we discovered how to chat on our wrist computers without being noticed.

Ams ran up and down our spaceship like a small child in a supermarket aisle. I would have joined her, but I could feel Kel's eyes burning into my back. I could not figure out why he was annoyed at me today besides the usual reasons. He was probably irritated because he had not wanted me to show up.

We all chucked our suitcases into the back room where the armour chamber was. Alk had warned us that we would not need our armour in today's class, but it was always good to have because the armour completed our spacesuit. If one of us happened to get ejected into space by Kel –like moi– we would survive so long as we had our armour on.

"It's good you're okay. We were all really worried about you." Henn said sincerely as he took his seat at the scanners.

I'm still mad at you Henn. I thought, remembering how he and Ams hadn't had my back when Gom and Kel ganged up on me.

"What did the rest of the class see when, " I paused for a moment, "the Bennu element went all crazy?"

Henn looked up in thought for a moment. It was just as hazy to him as it was to me.

"Well, we saw the tear open and then… nothing."

I raised my eyebrows: "What do you mean nothing?"

He ran his hand across his blue scalp.

"I don't remember anything besides a white light. Then the next moment Frek was carrying you to the medical centre." he paused while trying to think of anything he may have missed out, "What did you see?"

I shrugged as if I did not know. By this time I really didn't know what I had seen. All the knowledge was on the tip of my tongue, but just out of a reach. – It was incredibly annoying.

Flying practice reminded me a lot of when I went to get my shuttle licence, except instead of having my instructor yell at me it was a stupid algrin.

"The right panel not the left!" Kel snarled.

Alk had started us out with some basic exercises, however Kel was taking them a little too seriously. We were just supposed to be doing laps around the red hovering posts. Kel was acting as if we were in a race and wanted to lap the other dub crews.

We were quite a few miles away from Starside. I loved looking at the giant space station from out here. It was a shame that only a handful of humans had ever seen the space station up-close.

The algrin wasn't yelling at me directly. Both moi and Gom were the ones steering the ship. Kel just chose to look at me while he dished-out commands.

"When do we get to start shooting?" I joked while hovering my hand over the attack panel.

Kel slapped me away. Obviously doing laps was no laughing matter.

It was tragic watching Ams trying to work th

ing to bed, I decided to annoy Donn who was still in line for the phone booth.

"Who are you gonna call?" I asked him.

He smiled gleefully: "My best friend, Arkmonno. I've got to ask them what gender they chose."

I raised an eyebrow: "Pardon?"

"When sadamonts turn ten we decide our permanent gender. I've got three more years, but I think I want to be a dude."

Well… That was something I didn't need to know about the sadamont race. For some reason I still couldn't believe that Donn was eleven years younger than me. Then again, he aged like a fish.

"Do you get to choose your gender on your planet?" He asked as if it was no 'big deal'.

"Well, although I'm a clone of my father, he had me engineered to be a girl instead. Some people get a random gender when they're born, but we can surgically change our genders later on if we want. It's not as easy as it is for your species, though." I answered precociously.

"So… You were originally a boy?" Donn asked curiously.

I paused before answering: "I guess so. Never really thought about it that way."

Once it was Donn's turn in the phone booth I headed back to my regeneration chamber. It was difficult to attach the suction cups to my body. The little holes they left from the previous nights had crusted over making it quite painful to stab myself with the little needles inside the suction cups.

Never in my life had I yearned more for my bed back at the mansion. It was so much nicer than stepping into a cold regeneration chamber and getting pickled in blue gel. Even for just one night I would love to hop into a warm bed and sleep properly.

"Start regeneration process." I sighed.

I didn't have a normal dream that night. For a long time there was nothing but a blinding white light. After what felt like minutes there was the echo of a long sustained scream. The scream was a woman's. A young woman's judging by the pitch.

The dream stopped rather abruptly when a thunderous explosion could be heard. My mind treaded back to the usual dreams I had which mainly involved moi being back in Wyoming. For some reason I owned a horse in my dream despite the fact horses hated me like hell. – Don't ask why horses hate me. They just do.

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