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   Chapter 19 Meanwhile in a Place Nobody Cares About…

The Life, Death and Life of Amelia Hollow By EJBowman Characters: 6845

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The White House. Well, by this time in the future nobody cared about it. It wasn't even the original White House. This was its replacement as the previous one had been blown up during the civil war and the new one looked like a cheap plastic knock-off.

Whether you voted for the Left Wing or Right Wing party, everyone agreed that Clive and Harry did not deserve the last name 'Darwin'. The name had been tainted by their sick family line. Harry knew this himself, but felt powerless to do anything about it. He, after all, had never wanted to become president anyways.

His assistant, Mr. Flandry, hadn't wanted Harry to become president either. Dominic was one of those 'old fashioned' men who still believed in having a democracy instead of a dictatorship… What a silly man.

Mr. Flandry stood at the door of the Oval Office with his tablet. He had been contacted by the Russian/Chinese outpost an hour earlier and needed to report it to the president. The Russian/Chinese outpost had the most advanced technology out of all the other Mars outposts which meant they could pick up on activity deep in the Milky Way.

Before Mr. Flandry even answered the phone he knew the call would be important. The USA wasn't likely to get a call from that outpost unless something had been discovered that could affect the whole globe.

"Good morning, Mr. President." Dominic said as he stepped in. He hated having to call a boy-faced dingbat 'president' every day.

Harry was relaxing in his large chair with his feet on the desk. Something in his smile suggested that he was feeling rather haughty today. Mr. Flandry presumed his happiness was woman-related (or man-related. Dominic did not know what Harry's preference was).

Harry stretched out his arms before resting them behind his head.

"It is a good morning, isn't it?"

Dominic did not answer. He instead sent a file to Harry's computer and waited for the boy to notice. Harry did sit up properly, but not to look at the file he was sent. His email had just over a million unread email

Harry looked a little taken-back by Mr. Flandry's sudden burst of incoherent swearing. He had almost forgotten that Dominic was from Virginia. – He was usually so good at taming his accent and pretending he was Dutch like his parents were.

"But if it's not an comet then…" Harry began before drifting off.

"Karina Asimov is going to bring it up in the next council meeting."

The president clapped his hands together and sighed. Most people were originally so excited to have first contact with aliens. Now the mere thought of the USM was enough to make anyone mad. Their zoning laws forbid any of Earth's spacecrafts to travel past Pluto (which the USM considered to be a planet) and Earth could start up no trades with other planets meaning they had no 'credit' income.

That Sven guy should've never gotten into that spaceship. Harry thought. He would rather have remained an 'independent planet' than a second-class one.

"All we can do is wait until the maximum velocity is calculated." Flandry said solemnly before a smug smile spread across his face. "I hope that doesn't ruin your date."

Harry scowled. His date with Shea seemed less important now that a giant rock could hit the Earth. Wait… Now it seemed more important. – If the USA was going to be hit by a giant hunk of rock then he wanted to 'get laid' one last time… or first time.

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