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   Chapter 18 Close Encounters of a Fourth Kind

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Life became much easier once I gave Frek a German accent. The last German teacher I had went through an open window after he called two boys in my class 'shirt-lifting faeries' so I hoped for a better result with Frek. Yes, I shoved the teacher through the window on the first floor. But according to my eleventh grade history class; he 'tripped' and fell through it.

Today's lesson was on the first million elements in the USM periodic table. I went in with a better anticipation of the class than I had the day before. It was just easier to imagine I was attending science class like I would a blockbuster movie: agreeing with everything –whether it made sense or not– and accepting it as it was.

Seven magnified holographic elements hovered in front of Frek. The structures of USM atoms were very different from the ones on Earth. They were colourful coiled-up balls of yarn with an unseen bright white core.

This was hard to believe seeing as human scientists had studied the atom for so goddamned long, but I had to pretend to accept it so I could pass the freaking class.

"Now students, " Frek began in his new accent, "what I'm showing you next is not part of the USM academic standards. In fact, I'm not supposed to be teaching you about it at all."

All the cadets felt anxious when a boyish smile spread across Frek's harsh face. The seven hovering atoms in front of him suddenly all untwined to reveal their white cores. The stringy outside dangled off the balls of light like a tail. As each white ball connected, the combined glowing core became larger and larger. Once all seven were fused together, the stringy tails started wrapping themselves around the new element.

"My friends, " Frek addressed us patronizingly, "when these seven elements are fused together they tear a hole in the space time continuum. What you're looking at is called Bennu or in Hey-terms Ben. The only known 4th dimensional element."

Bennu… The Egyptian version of the phoenix. I thought, remembering my old mythology class. It was most likely just coincidence that the 4th dimensional element shared the same name as a magical Egyptian heron that could reincarnate itself.

"If it's not in the standards then why are we learning about it?" Jee asked. – He was incredibly annoying because he thought his 'accelerated intelligence' made him better than everyone else…Which it did.

Frek intertwined his fingers. "This element is the most dangerous thing in and out of this universe that we know of. We don't know enough about it to teach you anything. If you must know: a tear in the space time continuum made Lady Tamarax Deloro go insane."

A large ratio of the class swallowed nervously. Tamarax was one of the most famous names in the USM alongside Mel's. She was the only mortal creature to ever survive looking into the space time continuum, but she was also the largest threat the USM faced. She had too much knowledge for her own good and it drove her completely insane. – I've already mentioned this, but it's always good to have a recap.

None of us were sure why Frek was so keen to show us something we should never learn about. The truth of the matter was he did not know either. He just stepped out of his regeneration chamber that morning and knew he had to show us Bennu. He was feeling more hesitant now that the moment of madness was gone. He felt as if something else had peer pressured him into this presentation even if he did not know what.

There were some sudden gasps from cadets as Bennu changed. The element stretched vertically and began to tear at the centre to create a hole.

But it's just a hologram. Frek thought fearfully as he went back to his deck to end the simulation.

Something changed inside moi that moment. My vision and hearing blocked out everything else in the classroom. It was just me and the Bennu element. A subtle humming noise ran through my ears as the tear in the space time continuum continued to stretch. Bennu was not just an element. Whatever was on the other side of the tear was alive.

I did not flinch as three tentacles made of the white light shot from the tear. Two of them went straight through my eyes and into my brain while the third went through my mouth instead. My body went rigid as images of time and space were shown like a slideshow in my head.

For that brief moment everything in the universe made sense. All questions that had –or ever would be– asked were answered.

A horrible aching sensation rose in the centre of my brain. My mind was melting into a disgusting juice that seeped out my nostrils along with a large quantity of blood. During this time I just sat completely still and let fluids run down the front of my white uniform. I didn't question why this was happening or how I was still alive. Brains are just organs, Bennu showed me that they were not necessary for the consumption of knowledge.

A single word kept reappearing my head. It was too complex for humans to contemplate, but if shortened it was Tak.

I was awoken suddenly by an electric shock that ran through my ears. I hadn't even been aware that I was asleep until that moment. Time had not seemed to pass when I was staring into the space time continuum.

"Am?" A voice said. It sounded like it was coming from the other end of a tunnel.

As my vision began to clear

mall area with Kel and Gom for a long period of time. Especially after yesterday's combat lesson when they sacrificed moi before I ditched them and went rogue.

I swerved the mushroom stool so I was back facing towards the desk. There was just one more thing I wanted to search:

"Name: Tamarax Deloro

Hey-Name: Tam

Rank: Lady

Assigned Ship: Not applicable

Date of Birth: 8th of Ves 184395 X.X.

Species: Hekkit

Planet of Birth: Savina

Note: Lady Tamarax Deloro was the first hekkit to gain the rank of 'lady' or 'lord' in Mel's personal scientific research team in 194539 X.X. The ranks of 'lady' or 'lord' are only given out by Mel herself to members of the USM with highest positions or deceased war heroes. With Mel's permission, Tamarax studied the possibility of a 4th dimension existing. Taking the atoms: carson, atreides, velcosin, guanim, theodin, arkmite and zellium, Lady Deloro used a sonic fuser to…"

Okay, so I kind of spaced out at this point. It was probably the most important part because it was related to the 4th dimension, but it was boring. I instead thought about how Sven declined knighthood after he retired from being an ambassador. Space had humbled him. In his youth he was far more arrogant (like moi), but being treated like a second-class species made him more mindful. My father most likely hoped I would have a similar experience. – He underestimated my ego.

"… after the incident, Tamarax spent eight days in the private Starside Medical Centre. Although she sustained no serious physical damage, Mel diagnosed Tamarax as mentally impaired on the eighth day and ordered her to be taken to an mental institution on the third moon of Bedderk. After destroying two robots and killing one doctor, Tamarax escaped the medical centre and used her own ship to leave Starside. Lady Tamarax Deloro is known to be the largest seller of illegal minerals on the black market. This suggests that she has personnel working illegally deep space mines to retrieve these minerals. Tamarax's current whereabouts are unknown."

Obviously I missed something, but I got the jiff of it. Tamarax equalled cuckoo and that's all I needed to know

It was likely that I could have gotten that small amount of information off Data instead of a library computer. There was far more information on Tamarax than just that summary. The only problem was that all other information on Tamarax was restricted. – The USM liked to keep us second-class cadets ignorant.

After syncing up Data with the information on Tamarax, I headed to the student lounge near the regeneration chambers. I laid down on the largest grey sofa with my feet on the armrests. – The same position I used to take back on my favourite leather couch in the mansion.

If I had learned anything so far at Starside Academy, I had learned Mel was a bit of a biatch. She was a tyrannical psycho who was the main reason Tamarax was the way she was. If she worked with the all-seeing monks of Destin-Hey then wouldn't she have foreseen Tamarax's fate?

Maybe she was a biatch, or maybe she had live so long that she'd just stop caring about what happened.

My memory was hazy due to my memory being erased twice, but somehow Mel, Tamarax, Bennu, Tak and moi were all connected. At the rate I was going, it was going to be hard to find the links. Hell, I would probably never find the links if I kept getting the 'access denied' message. It was as if the USM was intentionally blocking me at every turn…

I'm a very paranoid conspiracist if you have not noticed.

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