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   Chapter 17 Homesick

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Every cadet had lined-up outside the high-tech phone booth. We were all anxious to call our family and friends to brag about how 'great' Starside Academy was.

The day had droned on and seemed to last sixty hours instead of thirty. Most of us could barely stand still or stand at all because we were so tired. Although I loved my father and Geraldine, I was so tired that talking to them did not actually seem that appealing. Calling them in the morning would have been a lot easier when I had more energy.

All the cadets nearer to the front of the line were acting voyeuristic and staring into the booth to watch the calls… I was one of these cadets of course. What I found most interesting was Kel's conversation with what appeared to be his father. The man looked like the leader of an Italian mafia with his dark clothing, black desk, windowless room and heavily-armed female bodyguards. The fertility wars on the algrin planet had intensified since Kel left and his father didn't appear happy about it. It was almost sad to think of Kel as a little boy just trying to impress his father and failing. The males on the planet had a lot more baggage to carry. Kel leaving to become a cadet made his father feel as if he was trying to run away from his fate, but he would never escape.

The final thirty seconds of the conversation were the most intense. Kel's body language suggested it was taking everything he had to not raise his voice at his superior. The discussion was most likely about Jaedorra and the fear of the mongrel child she would have.

None of us were sure exactly what was said, but something made Kel crack and scream "don't you dare touch my wife" before storming out of the booth without even finishing the call.

All of the cadets at the front quickly went into 'nonchalant' mode and pretended that they had heard nothing. Kel did not look at any of us as he stormed away. Man, he was one messed-up guy. Why the hell would Starside make him a captain? He obviously wasn't emotionally fit for the job.

Three more calls and it was finally my turn. It was awkward standing in the long slender cylinder. They obviously weren't made to fit obese aliens because even I was having issues.

The cadet USM phone was different from my hologram projector at home. It was more like watching a 3D movie instead of having it projected onto a table.

I suddenly felt bubbly inside when my father and Geraldine's image appeared. A small smile spread across my lips and my tiredness was forgotten. Sven had his little translator in his ear even though he knew I spoke English. I g

he transmission ended. Standing there in the booth, I realized how much I missed both of them. Was it possible I was in over my head here at Starside Academy?

There was no time to think like that. Zand banged ferociously on the door to the booth and gestured for me to get out. I shot daggers her way as I strode past. Sadly, it was hard to try and make eye contact with someone that did not have eyes.


"Yes, Dub First Off Am?"

"Can you schedule in a call to Cameron Vis Homen on the Titonic for tomorrow?"

There was a brief silence as Data checked his records.

"Yes. The earliest time available is 29:06. Is this acceptable?"

"Perfect." I said with a smile.

Due to the exhaustion, I went to my 'bed' earlier than suggested by my timetable. The call had put me in a melancholy mood. It had been like chatting with ghosts. Earth seemed like a planet I had lived on in a past life. I could only imagine living in the present and nothing else.

My chamber didn't get the better of me this time. My eyes and mouth were tightly shut so that not even the Jaws of Life could get them to open.

I can recall having dreams that night. None of them were clear, but it seemed like I was on Earth. It was a nightmare. The entire planet was being engulfed in white flames. Above in the sky the sun was exploding while being eaten by the foreign white flames as well.

Somebody was holding my hand, and yet I did not turn to see who it was. I already knew it was Chorst. We were in a golden field near my father's estate. I wasn't actually holding Chorst's hand, I was holding was remained of his smouldered wrist. How did he lose his left hand and why was he here? Who knew?

It was just a dream after all.

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