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   Chapter 14 He She It Started It!

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I'm not even going to bother giving an in-depth explanation on how my 'history of the USM' class went. To be brief: it was the most shockingly boring four hours of my life and made less sense than an episode of Star Trek. Yes, I do love Star Trek (never doubt that!) but it still does not make much sense. I'm guessing I am comparing it to that series because the history we learned was all out of date and there were quite a few plot holes. They were not giving us the whole story when it came to the creation of the universe. It wasn't explained how the Mel was born before time began and we were just supposed to accept that.

Religion was not the same as it was on Earth. Mel was like their version of God. She was the reason for the 'big bang' after all. I was an agnostic so I could accept the new circumstances. I chose to neither deny nor accept the existence of any gods that had been laid out for me because they all seemed to have their faults. The USM had been around a lot longer and had proved that Mel created the universe and everything in it. Nobody could deny the scientific evidence supporting the USM version of the creation of the universe, but that didn't mean we were hearing the whole story. For example: how did Mel exist in the first place?

Kel looked very uncomfortable with the situation. Where he came from religion played a very important role in his everyday life. The algrins believed in a god called Meshe, the god of fertility. Their version of the bible didn't state that Meshe created the universe; it said that the universe had never not existed. Yes, I read up on Kel to give myself a better understanding of my enemy. They had a god of fertility because their race was on the verge of extinction due to a genetic disorder that meant only one in a million children born were males. However, the algrin religion was also against the idea of having unnatural births which meant no cloning or bioengineering male children and no fertility clinics. I would be considered the antichrist on their planet seeing as I was a bioengineered clone conceived in a medical lab. That is why Kel despised me. – He had done his research on moi.

I felt sorry for the algrins. Because they were second-class, the USM could not be forced to save their race if they could not accept change. That's why there was polygamy on their planet. Each male had over a thousand wives but only a few 'primary wives'. It was their job to impregnate all their wives to get a higher chance of having a male born to carry on the family line. Kel was seventy-four. However, his species only hit puberty in their forties. When I looked up his profile I learned he had over a thousand wives and at least one child with every single one of them. The only reason he was different from all the other algrins was because one of his primary wives was not an algrin and he had married out of their race. Of course, this was also banned by their religion. I could not tell what this meant about Kel. Did it mean he was trying to save his race from extinction by killing of the genetic disorder, did he marry her out of spite, or was he just tired of all his algrin wives and wanted something new? Either way, according to his profile, his wife –Jaedorra– was only one month pregnant which meant they would not know if she was carrying a boy or girl yet. Either way the child would be rejected by the algrins and seen as a mongrel. I hated Kel for making me feel bad for him. It was so much easier to despise him when I just knew he was a sexist bastard, but now he had a freaking backstory!

Anyways… Our history teacher was called Wesai or Wes. She was the pale mousy one I had seen on stage. She could not project her voice farther than a few feet making it impossible to hear her properly. Dear God, was it really going to be this hard understand what all my teachers said?

But as previously stated: history was boring. We had another one hour break after class in which we all got another snack. I had already attended ten hours of class today and I still had two more classes to go. It was exhausting. How was anybody supposed to do all this on five hours of regeneration? Some of the other cadets seemed to be feeling it too. The tall demon-like guy called Us from San had just collapsed in the line at the cafeteria. I rushed to his side like Donn did. – Donn was his captain after all.

"Us?" Donn gave the demon a gentle slap on the cheek to try and induce a response. "Come on, man."

That's when I noticed that my translator had given Donn a Russian accent. Not like a normal Russian acce

out of his control. Honestly, his life sounded like hell. I blamed his miserable life on his restricted religion. He most likely blamed it on women.

"How in the galaxy were you accepted into Starside Academy?" Kel inquired after he recuperated from my use of the 'v' word. "You're the most disgraceful women I've ever met."

"Good question." I joked.

Nothing more needed to be said. Kel flinched when I patted him on the shoulder patronizingly before I strode back to the cafeteria. He decided to wait for a moment so we would no walk back in together. There was no way the two of us were going to be able to function as crewmates. I hated him for being sexist and he hated me for being a woman. It's like the USM knew we would not be able to work together because they wanted to see us fail like the second-class species we were.

I decided it was best to keep what happened between me and Kel to myself instead of concerning Donn and his dub crew. They seemed like a much more cheerful crowd. Not to say I did not like Henn, Ams and Gom, it's just that Kel really brought the storm cloud to our table.

"So have you ever watched pod racing?" Jhan asked me. She looked like the green version of Zand. The difference was that she had visible organs through the gel and I could see her brain working away. – Very creepy.

An image of the pod racing from the Phantom Menace flashed through my head and I shuddered. For some reason my father liked the first three Star Wars episodes because he had lived through political battles in the USM that were equally stupid and murderously dull. I personally found politics boring and did not want it messing with my movies. Pointless fight scenes were much more entertaining for moi.

"Um… Sort of." I told Jhan.

My translator had given her a Canadian accent: "They're intense races, eh?"

"I guess so." I muttered. Not wanting to talk about pod racing out of all sports.

"I wish combat was at the beginning of the day instead of the end." Us mumbled. "I'm going to be so beat."

Donn took a sip of the blue liquid. "That's probably why they put it at the end."

The rest of us looked at him in confusion. He sighed as if it was so difficult explaining his idea. "I think putting combat at the end is part of the battle simulation. Because usually in wars the marines run on very little sleep and are exhausted." He explained.

"We're not marines." I mumbled. "We're commanding officers."

Donn agreed with the nod of his head. "Yeah… but we've got to be trained to fight if we have to."

Surprisingly, I was exhausted, but not sleepy in the same way. The florescent white lighting had disoriented my body. No matter what time it was my body thought it was daytime. That was a contributing factor in why we did not just 'sleep' normally. Our body clocks were so confused that we most likely wouldn't get any rest at all without our regeneration chambers. The nocturnal students like Ams and Chorst were suffering even more. They were most likely going to be blind by the end of the first year.

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