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   Chapter 13 Frekostillion Hes Canamao (Frek for short)

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There was blackness for a long time. My body wasn't there, I was simply observing. Little white lights appeared randomly in front of me. Soon there were millions… stars. My non-existent body was suddenly flung forward. Like a comet, I hurdled through the universe and towards an unknown star. Truly an exhilarating experience.

I awoke suddenly as icy water splashed my entire body all at once. Still not realizing the difference between dream and reality, my first thought was: How am I being splashed with water? I'm a mother fucking comet!

The blue gel was being accompanied down the drain by the icy water. I had taken many cold showers in my life, but I was not used to taking a shower while I was still in bed. It was easy to presume that once the water stopped the madness was over… I was wrong. I was going through the routine like at an old carwash. First I was washed-down and then dried-up by warm air that shot at me from all angles. Strands of hair repeatedly smacked my face. By the time the drying process stopped my hair was as puffy as a poodle's.

The regeneration chamber hatch opened. Disoriented, I tried to step out but my legs were like jelly and I fell. Of course, I hit the drawer sticking out of the wall which caused my body to twist as I fell. Because the cell was so small I hit the back of my head on the door. I found that I had blacked out for a moment and when I regained consciousness I had my head on the ground and my knees bent. The cell was too small for me to stretch my legs out so I had fallen rather awkwardly. – Just judging by how I had woken up I knew it was going to be a great day.

Getting dressed was far more difficult in my small quarters and with a disoriented mind. I had no idea how much time I had left before my first class, but honestly I did not care. The blue gel had made my eyes temporarily red and they stung like hell. Not as bad as my mouth, though. I guess there was still some blue gel in my system as I was constantly trying to hack it up like a hairball. Next time, I would shut my eyes and close my mouth. – No question.

Only while I was putting my body-glove on did I notice I was bleeding in some areas. I had forgotten about the sensors when I stepped out of the regeneration chamber and they had been drawn through my flesh before they were finally released. Hoping the body-glove would stop the bleeding, I got dressed hurriedly and opened my door. Most of the other cadets were already out and chatting. For some reason my first thought was about how my breath smelled. I had not packed a toothbrush so my presumption was that all sanitary items were in the bathroom… The unisex bathroom!

"We're cadets." A voice said behind me in a French accent as I strode towards the bathroom. I whipped around to see who was talking. It was that creepily pale –yet sexy– alien I had seen earlier. "We only wear our berets on formal occasions."

I stared blankly at him for a moment before realizing I was the only one wearing my beret in the area. Hastily, I chucked it back into my cubicle and closed the door again. The albino still had not moved. He scanned moi with his amethyst-coloured eyes before walking away. Again, no explanation.

When his back was turned I used Data to scan him. Time to figure out who he was!

"Name: Chorstand Metccli

Hey-Name: Chorst

Rank: Dub Captain

Assigned Ship: Dub Ship Marmus

Date of Birth: 16th of Day 211993 X.X.

Species: Trinard

Planet of Birth: Okevella

Note: Trinards are a second-class species due to the fact their ancestors are freed clones from the planet Somnosia. As slaves, they were trained to never show emotion or speak their thoughts. A trinard will not speak unless spoken to or if they find necessary. In their culture, fear of expressing thoughts or feelings is a genetic phobia. When speaking to a trinard it is best to avoid using 'I' and 'think' in the same sentence as it is considered offensive. However, using 'I' to refer to your physical being is acceptable. After the years of physical abuse inflicted on their bodies, the trinards have no care for their physical wellbeing, but their mind is sacred. Back when trinards were still slave clones their thoughts could not be accessed by their masters. The trinards are the daughter race of the trinords who used them as servants, for deep-space mining and sold them on the black market as sex slaves due to their natural beauty. To tell a trinard from a trinord, you will notice a trinord's corneas are red while a trinard will have purple corneas. The trinords engineered trinards to have purple eyes and blood because purple is the colour of peasants and trinords wanted to make their dominance unquestioned. The trinards were liberated by the USM back in 141956 X.X. and given the planet O

and was doodling on that. Frek noticed, but honestly didn't care.

I hated feeling like the dumb kid. Most of the other students understood this new periodic table. Well, pretended to understand at least seeing as it was impossible to understand more than a quarter of what Frek said.

Frek clapped his hands together before switching the projector off. "Vell, dat's the leeson. See ya'll teemorrow."

The cadets fled quicker than the average baseball fan trying to leave the stadium parking lot before the rest of the crowd. I followed behind in a melancholy state. Was I pouting? Yes. I tended to do that when I wasn't happy. I had inherited that trait from my father. It was easy to argue that because I was a snobby rich girl, I hated not having things go my way. – This was true.

"I sew ye at Mel's preesintation." Frek said. I continued to walk as if I didn't know he was speaking to me. "I sew da way ye talked back to de mest powarful woman in da galerxy."

I came to a halt and broke off from the other cadets and turned around to face the harsnic. He didn't seem like a mean guy. We had just gotten off to a bad start. He actually reminded me a little bit of my father in some ways. Calm, intelligent… funny accent. The major difference was that I never got mad at my father.

"Ye gonna bother to learn anythong in my clers Am?" Frek asked. I couldn't detect any smugness in his voice.

"I will sir." I reassured him. "I just don't like the USM not giving me the 'heads-up' about the major changes I will have to face in my learning."

"Ya know vat I vould do if I was in yer situation?"


"Geet the fook ovar it and take the sheet comin' like a good memba of da USM vould." He said rather bluntly.

Fuck you, Frek. My thoughts were vivid on my face.

"Ye den't have to like me Am, " Frek sighed, "boot ye're gonna have to reespoct me as yer teacher. Ye're loocky Mel's been aroond too leng to cere vat a cadet thinks. Boot she desn't have to see ya every day for sex hours. If ye're goin' to pout in my clers then den't even bother comin' here. I got other stoodents to teach."

I opened my mouth to speak but stopped myself. It was true; I had never respected my teachers. Even back at my old high school Kim and I used to sit at the back of the class and snicker when the teacher got something wrong. – We were little biatches. Schools really had nothing to offer me past the age of fifteen. I had learned everything from my father because he knew more about math and science than the teachers seeing as he was a trained astronaut for science expeditions. Basically, I hadn't learned anything new in a class in years. Frek was finally going to challenge me again… and I hated him for it.

The other cadets had made some good distance from the class in the time Frek and I had had our little conversation. We only had an hour for 'leisure' time so they wanted to get to the cafeteria as soon as possible to get a snack. We were not given assigned seats seeing as the small snack prepared was meant to be edible for all species… although it didn't look it. It looked like brown Jell-O with black cubes stuck in it. Yes, it tasted awful.

I hate it here.

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