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   Chapter 10 Final Countdown

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The big day had finally arrived. Cameron Vis Homen was meeting me at the Washington Monument and together we would beam up to the spaceship: Titonic. Was I nervous? Yes. Was my father even more nervous to meet his son for the first time and lose his daughter? Definitely.

"Shit, shit, shit." I gasped as I hastily put on my USM cadet uniform. It was just me and Dr. Hernandez in the dressing room because there was a 'women's' sign on the door and Dr. Cooper didn't feel comfortable coming in to help.

"Does this feel real to you?" I asked her, almost in a panic.

"Yes." She said placidly. This day had felt real to her since two AM when she was forced to get up and start organizing my departure.

"My dad… father is so excited about meeting his son for the first time. He's more excited about that than moi getting accepted to Starside Academy." I laughed.

I knew my father well. I knew he didn't think he had to worry about me as much as he had to worry about Cameron. I saw how tense he had gotten when Cameron first got into Planetarymark.

(Planetarymark was the USM space station located closest to the Hashtish Alliance. Cameron did his first two years of training there before getting an upgrade to Starside Academy due to his advanced tactics skills. Starside Academy was only for cadets training to be commanding officers.)

My father would never admit it but, he really had not wanted either of his children to go into armed forces. He was proud of me and Cameron, but he was a pacifist at heart.

I pulled my hair back into a strict bun and placed the silly cadet beret on my head. Ugh, I was so going to make the 'Hot or Not' section of any trashy website. I looked silly, but soon I would be surrounded by silly looking aliens.

"Shall we?" I opened the door for Shea. She rolled her eyes and stepped out.

Dr. Blake Cooper was sitting on the bench across form the changing rooms. Once he saw us coming he put his phone away and got up. We were in the secret rooms installed inside the Washington Monument where the dancers got changed every year for their 4th of July performance.

"I just heard from outside." He sounded more gleeful than I thought a man could sound. "Ensign Cameron Vis Homen… He's just beamed down. He's behind the stage."

I couldn't help but smile. Not because of how excited I was to see Cameron, but because of how excited I was for my father to see his son. Sven, Geraldine, Merissa, President Harry Darwin and the Clarke's were all on the floor below us with some other random people I did not know, or care about. If Blake had just heard that Cameron was here then no doubt my father knew as well.

We took the elevator down to the floor below to where the others were all waiting. Geraldine was in his finest turquoise dress while Sven was in a black suit with a tie to match Geraldine. As a pair they looked like they were attending a wedding as the bride's maid and groom's man. President Harry Darwin's assistant, Mr. Flandry, wondered whether or not it was a bright idea to have a cross-dresser on the stage and did request Geraldine to wear a suit as well. Seeing as it was a 'request' and not a 'demand' Geraldine made the easy presumption that the suit was optional and still chose to wear his best dress. – I respect him fully for his decision. He was better looking than the rest of the women in the room combined.

"Did ya hear?" I asked my father as I stepped into the small waiting room.

He nodded electrically. "Yes. Your brother is here, on Earth!" His voice went a little higher at the end of the sentence and his Swedish accent broke through. He was very excited.

"Are we allowed to go down and see him?" I asked Mrs. Clarke.

She sucked her thin top lip behind her bottom. "I think we have to wait until security calls us down. They still have to confirm his identity."

I looked to my father who had already punched the elevator button. He was not waiting.

"Mr. Hollow, you ca–" Mrs. Clarke began.

"Geraldine, Amelia. Let's go meet him." Sven interjected.

I looked back to Mrs. Clarke, shrugged, and joined my father with Geraldine at the elevator.

"Mr. Hollow." Mr. Clarke was backing his wife. "He has to go through the safety precautions seeing as he is not from Earth. We must make sure that–"

"See you guys down there!" My father said just as the doors closed.

Once the elevator started moving downwards Geraldine squealed like a girl and wrapped his arms around my father. All the excitement was getting to him even though Cameron was not his son.

"Honey, you finally get to meet your baby!" He kissed my father on the cheek. He then looked at me and realized I was also Sven's child. "Well… your other baby." He laughed, I did not.

Cameron and I had sibling rivalry despite living light years apart. Even on my big day my father was still more excited about seeing Cameron. Sure, it was the son he had never met, but I wanted to be a jealous brat and be annoyed that I wasn't the one getting attention during the event meant for me.

Sven could not control his cheerful giddiness. "Yeah… I know. Meeting my son and saying goodbye to my daughter. I can't tell if this is a dream or a nightmare."

"Hey!" I yelped, semi-jokingly.

"I'm kidding Amelia." My father reassured me. "This is just one of those confusing dreams that isn't scary but doesn't make a whole lot of sense either."


The elevator stopped. There was that brief moment of suspense as we waited to see what was on the other side of the doors. Nothing. We had to walk down a short hallway, turn left, open the third door on the right and then the suspense was relieved.

"Now just hold still for a moment." A security officer said as he scanned my big brother with the X-ray machine. Poor little Cameron did not look very comfortable standing in the middle of four men in black suits all staring at him judgingly. They still could not handle how different he looked.

"C-Cameron?" My father said in a rather high voice.

My brother looked up sharply. His grey

ndry. Trust me, Harry's assistant was not happy. Luckily, by the time the rest of the American knew what I had said I would be long gone.

Everyone stood up. This was the part where I was supposed to say my final goodbyes. A stage manager snuck on and passed me my duffle bag. – I had forgotten it again. I was about to swing it over my back when I remembered my phone in the side pocket. I pulled it out and secretly wrote a text to all of my friends saying: "Later guys. Love ya'll!" before throwing it back in the pocket and swinging the duffle bag over my back.

Cameron and I shook the hands of all the men and women on the stage. I didn't know most of them, but I pretended to and shook their hands sincerely. When I reached Geraldine I hugged him. I did not care about the dusk situation at that moment. I was probably never going to see him again so no point in ending on bad terms. I was about to hug my father but Cameron was still hugging him. They had had so little time together. Sven couldn't believe he was losing both of his children now.

"Be safe." Sven whispered to me as we hugged for the final time. "Cameron said you two will call me from the ship."

"We will. Bye daddy."

"Bye-bye sweetheart."

I wish we could have had a longer goodbye. I wished even more that the last person I had to say goodbye to wasn't President Harry Darwin. I just shook his hand and smiled. Hopefully the next time I visited Earth –if I ever did– he would be out of office.

Cameron stood next to moi on the blue tape. We were placed on an angle so that the other people on stage could see us along with the audience. I looked to the sky, the sunglasses protecting me from the sun. I could not actually see the spaceship so I presumed they had 'parked' a fair distance away from Earth. They didn't want to scare the humans by making them thinking an alien invasion was happening.

The screen on the Washington Monument (technology times, it also had a giant clock on it like it was Big Ben or something) came up with the countdown.

"10… 9…" The audience chanted.

"Here we go." Cameron whispered in English, but by now I was just sure he was German. He pulled up the wrist communicator and silently spoke to the Titonic in Kestern, informing them to start the transport.


I looked to my father and Geraldine one more time. Geraldine had teary eyes, but my father never cried. He had told me that the last time he had gotten 'teary eyed' was when he held me for the first time after the scientists had confirmed that I was ready to leave the artificial womb. People who were against engineering children said that the children wouldn't have as strong of a connection with their birthparents if the child wasn't inside a mother… but like they would know. Bioengineering children was originally started for parents who could not procreate for whatever reason. Most cases were when the mother's womb was not fit for being fertilised which is why artificial wombs were created. Shockingly, one of the first clinics opened up with new artificial wombs for infertile parents opened in Wyoming which explains why my father moved there. He was originally going to just stay for the five months while I was being created (bioengineered children had sped up pregnancies) but then he grew fond of the place and bought a freaking huge mansion because he felt like it.


A yellow beam started at my feet and slowly worked its way up. Because of my years of watching bad sci-fi shows I expected the teleportation ray to look more digitized and crappy. This one was very much real. The only way to describe the feeling as it reached my waist was that it felt like being splashed with warm water. Why? I don't know, it just did.


The last sound I heard was the crowd cheering as my face engulfed by the golden light. I wasn't blinded like I expected to be because both Cameron and I were still being kickass with our sunglasses on. Yeah, perfect way to leave Earth.

Final nerdy thought: Beam me up, Scotty!

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