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   Chapter 9 The Double Standards of the Liberal Dictator

The Life, Death and Life of Amelia Hollow By EJBowman Characters: 11334

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Wow, for some reason I never expected to find myself in the Oval Office during the reign of a killer dictator's son. I had no problem with President Harry seeing as he wasn't a mass killer, but like many others I wanted him to free all the Right Wingers living in Florida. Sure, he said he was liberal and thought everyone deserved to be treated equally, except those who did not treat others equally, in which case he threw them into Florida.

Secretly it was every voter's dream to just have the opposing side vanish to a place where they wouldn't have to worry about their votes, but none of us wanted Clive Darwin to make that dream a reality and fuck up the States forever. It was a very sad day when the Left Wing party was acting more ludicrous than something as bad as the Tea Party. It was an even sadder day when North Korea was telling us how to run things. Sure, they were one of the most liberal countries in the world now, but it still seemed hypocritical with their complicated past and all.

One of the servants poured me some Coca-Cola before slowly backing out again. The old-style clock seemed to be making the most noise as the ticking sound echoed across the room. An unnerving noise, I was considering if I would have time to walk over to the thing, turn it off, and get back to my seat in time. Sadly, the two white doors swung open and the man himself strolled in. Four photographers, a bodyguard, and his assistant followed. It was a chaotic scene. The pressure of running a dysfunctional country seemed to be getting to poor President Harry Darwin. He was young, yet his eyes were dark and solemn and showed his exhaustion even if he did put on a good smile.

Like the rehearsal I stood up on command. I hated the freaking blue dress the D.E. had put me in even if was from Gucci. The dress was fine, but it was made for somebody who had larger breasts. Really, I was as flat as a board. I guess that is what I get for having my breasts surgically reduced in size.

I had gotten out of wearing makeup except for on this one occasion when the D.E. forced moi to. From what I had learned; the USM had chosen me because of who I was, but it wasn't okay to be myself in front of other humans. – Why am I still here?

Without saying one word the president put his hand out. I took it before we both looked at the camera and smiled. To be honest, he looked like a video game nerd with his vampire-pale skin and wild curly black hair. There was no way this man was running this country on his own. When we took our seats I examined his assistant who was standing behind his master's chair like a trained dog. He was a middle-aged man, well unless cosmetics played a role in his looks. There was nothing to spectacular about him. Grey hair, dark brown eyes, Italian suit, iPad in hand, earpiece and a bureaucrat. Yes, this had to be the real man running the country.

"A pleasure to meet you." I said, like an actress reading from cue cards.

"The feeling's mutual." Harry laughed. How unprofessional! At least I had learned my lines!

He took a sip of a foreign red liquid, wine. Obviously the alcohol ban of 2307 AD didn't apply to him. Nice to know the he could be the only man to be drunk on the job in over five-hundred years.

"Miss Amelia Frank Hollow, " Harry began, finally reading from his invisible cue cards, "I speak on behalf of the United Nations wh

.E. might have installed that could pick up on our conversation. He saw nothing, but still looked very hesitant, his voice low: "Err… I don't know. This isn't really my country in the same way."

"But you've lived here long enough to have an opinion I think."

"Yes, that's true." He took off his glasses and put them in their black case. "It's like this Amelia: I don't agree with what crazy Clive did. It's a crime against human rights like Guantanamo Bay was." He paused to think for a moment. "Then again, the crazy people who ran the Right Wing party were trying to take away the human rights of other people so I don't agree with them. It's a complicated situation. Honestly… Florida kind of reminds me of the concentration camps from World War 2. I can't tell if this is really that different."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I think it sort of is. Hitler had no real standing to do what he did, but he brainwashed enough people to think he was right. The Jewish people hadn't done anything wrong, but the Right Wing voters have done a lot of bad things in the past."

"Have they? Or have you just been brainwashed to think they have?" He asked in his conspiracist voice.

"Nope, " I shook my head happily, "I took American history. I don't think there's ever been a good president from the old Right Wing…"

I stopped myself quickly. Too late. My father knew where I was going with my statement.

He laughed. "How about Abraham Lincoln? He ring a bell?"

"Okay." I waved away his points. "No good Right Wing guys from after err… the late 20th century."

"You got me there." He laughed. "Well… save that one guy from the 22nd century."

"Yeah… that guy was great."

Geraldine joined the conversation. "Honestly, how many good Left Wing presidents can ya name?"

It took a moment, but I could count thirteen from memory. Oh well, I doubt my knowledge of the US presidents will really matter at Starside Academy. On that note, I went to bed that night wondering what the politics were like on the planets my fellow cadets were from. Maybe they had bad governments, tyrannies, mob rule, anarchy… communism! Maybe the politics of those other second-class planets made Earth's political problems look like disagreements in a child's sandbox.

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