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   Chapter 8 Meanwhile in a Place Similar to Hell…

The Life, Death and Life of Amelia Hollow By EJBowman Characters: 4482

Updated: 2017-12-27 12:04

Some women just don't suit makeup. Tamarax was one of these ladies yet she put it on anyways. It was the last remaining shard from her life before she went insane that suggested a part of her still wanted to feel beautiful.

Alien lipstick was a little different from any human lipstick. Tamarax pulled out the strange screwdriver-like device before hitting the red button on the side of it. A small red laser shot out and stained her thin lips red like blood. She puckered her lips as she moved the laser to each corner of her mouth. One slipup and she could tattoo a crooked red smile to her face for the rest of the week.

Makeup especially does not suit a woman who has blood dripping from her nose. One of the many side-effects of looking into a tear in the space time continuum: Whenever she thought too hard her nose would bleed. She happily ignored the blood and licked it away whenever it got close to her mouth.

"Guess what's happening in four days." She called through the cracked bathroom door. The lights in her queen-like bedroom were off, yet she knew her companion was still wide awake. After all, he probably needed to go to a medic to treat his stab wounds. – The problem with long fingernails.

"Yes?" A muffled voice called back. Obviously he had smashed his head into the pillow and was trying to catch up on the sl

a great fire. Slavery was illegal, yet the USM didn't have as strong of a grip on some planets in the farther reaches of the galaxy where they got away with it. Most slaves were a clone of their own merchant like KC2203, however they still had unique minds. Slaves tended to be used to do dangerous jobs like deep space mining because they could be easily be replaced if they died and didn't have to be paid. KC2203 on the other hand felt he was treated like royalty compared to his brothers. Sure, he did not like Tamarax and feared her more than anything, yet it was nice to be on the good side of the woman who wanted to reshape time and space.

"By the way. When you reshape the universe will I still be here?" KC2203 asked cautiously.

He tried not to flinch when she kissed his cheek A line of her blood stained his cheek. "Oh… we will see."

He laughed meekly, she wasn't joking.

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