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   Chapter 6 Dear God I Hate this Woman

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"Oh shit." Geraldine gasped as he went to the window. Dozens of flashing lights could be seen on the rooftop of Darwin Enterprises where we were supposed to land. We had been told our arrival would be kept a secret… That obviously was not the case.

"The motherfuckers." Sven growled as he slowly eased his hands up on the steering wheel as we started our descent.

The window wipers continued to swish from side to side as the rain attacked the Plexiglas windshield. The weather had been horrible all the way from Laramie to Washington D.C. despite the fact it was supposed to be summer. Apparently the weather hadn't stopped the press from coming out.

"Dad." I moaned while looking down at my beautiful 'Han Shot First' shirt. "I was told that I could dress casually. What the heck is happening?"

He shrugged. "Hey, don't blame me. I was under the same impression."

"Oh God, I'm a mess." Geraldine squeaked before pulling the mirror down from the ceiling to check his makeup. I rolled my eyes and pushed the mirror up again. "Relax. I doubt they came to take photos of you."

I rolled my eyes when I saw Sven even running his hand over his hair to make sure it was all in place. "Oh come on. You ladies should stop worrying about your looks. You're both beautiful."

"Hey, I don't want to be on one of those 'troll' websites where they make fun of celebrities just because my hair's bad."

"Do you consider yourself a famous celebrity?"

"Please." He scoffed. "I'm the guy who made first contact with the USM. I think I'm well-known."

A part of me thought that the paparazzi would jump on top of the shuttle as soon as we landed. They were only restrained by the small plastic chain running through the posts around the landing pad. On the other side of the chain were five people in long black rain jackets. Two of them were the presidents of Darwin Enterprises we had been told about in the itinerary. I didn't know who the other three were. They were most likely the doctors I would be working with and my fitness instructor for the next two weeks. I felt bad for the guys, they had been given so little time to get all of this organized, but could they have at least gotten rid of the freaking paparazzi?

Sven took his hands off the steering wheel and slumped back in the leather seat. "Everybody smile, act natural, and we'll get through this." He muttered in a very unenthusiastic way.

I squinted my eyes as the doors to the shuttle opened. Non-flash incredibly high definition cameras had been invented but only on the iPhone 7005G which most measly reporters could not afford so they still preferred to use the flash cameras on their phones. I felt like bitch slapping one of the stupid reporters who was calling out my name in an attempt to get me to look at him so he could get a photo. For my father's sake, I was tame and ignored that man yelling. The last thing I wanted was a picture of me beating up a reporter making it to Starside Academy. Sven pulled the large black umbrella out of the glove compartment and stepped out of the shuttle before putting it up. The rain battered against it as he used it to shield me from both the weather and all the reporters. He had it on a strange angle so that I was wedged between him and the umbrella.

"Walk quickly." He murmured in my ear. My legs were long like his so I was able to stride in time. Poor Geraldine was not as lucky in his high-heel boots and got left behind in the rain.

The tallest of the black raincoats came to us first. He ran like an ostrich with his long lanky legs while his equally long arms flapped around like wings. – 'Dork', was the best word to describe him.

As he got closer his face became clear and his teeth sparkled when the light from the cameras hit them. His bangs were wet while the rest of his hair was dry and protected under his black hood. He had a long horse-like face with a little bit of black stubble developing. That was most likely because he had not had time to shave. Kind of hard when you're planning an eighteen year-olds move to Starside Academy.

"Hello!" He said in an overenthusiastic voice the startled me and my father a bit. "Welcome to Darwin Enterprises. Sorry about the weather, " he laughed, "it's not usually this bad in Washington D.C."

"I've travelled to Washington D.C. many times." My father stated in his 'I'm-superior-to-you-in-everyway' voice. "I know this is the usual weather."

The man let out a meek laugh. "Well… still better weather than San Francisco."


Both nerdy men laughed and although I did not get the comparison I joined in anyways. I'm not sure what the weather is like in your time. Global warming changed some things for us so some parts are rainier while other parts are bone-dry.

Geraldine joined us. His springy black curls had been uncoiled and drenched. He had not been wise enough to wear an extra layer and he was shaking like a wet cat.

"We should get out of the rain… and away from the press." The man in the black raincoat suggested. "By the way, my name's Dr. Blake Cooper." He stuck is hand out.

At first I thought he wanted to shake hands with my father but as it turned out he was more interested in moi. It was strange that I was in the spotlight instead of my father who also seemed rather surprised that Dr. Cooper had not even acknowledged who he was. Blake was determined to get off to a good start with me so I would hopefully put out a good word for him during a press conference.

A man who I thought was a journalist stepped over the plastic chain and ran up to us. I then realized his name tag that had the D.E. logo on it. "May I unload your shuttle sir?" He asked my father who tossed him the keys carelessly. "So long as you're taking our bags to our room."

"Yes sir."

My father gave the trembling baggage boy a harsh pat on the shoulder. He knew he intimidated most people so he had to make sure the kid knew there was nothing to be afraid of. The guy nearly jumped as soon as my father laid a hand on him.

"Attaboy." My father said sincerely before the baggage boy adjusted his clear plastic raincoat and jogged off to the shuttle. He was going to have a blast getting all of Geraldine's stuff out.

The interior of Darwin Enterprises was pretty spectacular. It was already like being in a spaceship with the florescent lights bouncing off the reflective white tiles on the ground and walls. Silver frames ran down the hallways with holograms of a representative accepting awards for all of D.E.'s achievements. There was nothing humble about the place. They felt as if they had just won a place in the USM against all the countries and were rubbing it in the other countries' faces a bit. Just having me live and train at D.E. meant they were getting stupendous amount of funding from companies that wanted their logo slapped on me. The other r

re was a bomb scare… Hell, Sweden may be too far but there's always Canada."

It was a short moment before I realized that I had just called Shea a bitch. I had been using that word a bit too much recently and now I was suffering the slow and insufferable consequences as I got the strangest look of anger, yet surprise from her.

"When you call a woman a 'bitch' it's demeaning to our sex as you're implying that all I'm good for is being fucked by an alpha dog." Wow, this woman takes thing seriously. "It's as offensive as if I were call your fathers faggots." She spoke in such a calm voice that it was actually disturbing.

A blanket of painful silence draped over all of us. Dr. Hernandez sure knew how to shut me up. Yes, using the word 'bitch' was very offensive and I should've known better. However, there was no need to use slurs on Sven and Geraldine. I would have come back with a rebuttal but Sven's tense body language was just telling me to leave it. We would most likely talk about it later when we were safe in our own rooms. Oh wait, my room wasn't safe anymore, that's right, we had to worry about bombs.

Mr. Clarke coughed quietly into his fist to clear the silence. "Well. Shall we get on with the meeting?"

We all nodded in agreement and watched as the hologram projector lit up and the D.E. logo appeared. All the time being I still couldn't help but continue to look over at Dr. Hernandez. I wanted to try and get inside her head, see what she was thinking. She did not like moi, and God knew I hated her. Sadly, we were going to have to work together whether we liked it or not.

"Okay Amelia." Sven threw his jacket down onto his and Geraldine's bed with authority. "You may not be able to call that woman a bitch, but biatch is fine."

"Sorry about that guys." I said sincerely to both Geraldine and my father. "You two know how defensive I get of our family… I swear, if I had had time to prepare a debate on her last remark I would've knocked her off her pedestal."

"It's better you didn't. Otherwise she could just 'tip-off' the next assassin what room you're sleeping in." He laughed with no happiness in his tone.

"In which case I would tell her that I was moving to work with Maple Corporation and the NASA base in Canada."

Yes… the Canadian equal to Darwin Enterprises was Maple Corporation and not one joke had been made about how stereotypical the name was. It was named after some scientist called Professor Isaac Maple who lived over two-hundred years ago and created the first satellite from Canada to leave this Solar System and travel to Proxima Centauri which is the next system over. (That satellite was destroyed by the USM who had an outpost in Proxima Centauri and did not want us to discover them).Yeah, I was at the stage where I'd rather be working with Canadians than spend another minute with Dr. Shea Hernandez.

"Whoa, Amelia." Geraldine put his hands up like I was pointing a gun at his chest. "Let's not go that far." He laughed.

I rolled my eyes before striding into the bathroom. I had a paranoid feeling that D.E. had rigged security cameras all through our accommodation; I wanted to check the shower so I wouldn't find a camera a little too late. – It was clean.

"Honey." My father was standing in the doorway. I pulled my head out of the shower and closed the glass door. "They didn't put cameras in the shower. If I'm sure of anything, I'm sure of that." He told me.

I was angry, angry like a freaking hormonal teenager. – What was wrong with me? I was never this emotional. I wanted to tell him about Geraldine and the dusk, how I wanted to leave D.E. and how I was just overall scared. What if my father became ill while I was in the USM, and what if he died before I could come home? No, I didn't want to think about that.

"Amelia?" His eyes softened when he looked at my face. I wasn't crying –I never cried– yet he knew something was troubling me. He closed the door to the bathroom and left Geraldine on the other side. "Are you all right?"

The door is soundproof. Geraldine can't hear you, you can tell Sven all about the dusk.

"I'm fine." My voice was strained.

My father had a small melancholy smile on his face as he wrapped his arms around me. "It's all good, you're gonna be fine."

His words were comforting even though I wasn't worried about myself. I was worried about everybody around me. Being light years away meant I was basically disconnecting myself from Earth; my home. If my father –or even Geraldine– passed away and I wasn't there I would never forgive myself.

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