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   Chapter 20 Marry me..

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Laying in his arms made sense.

"Why are you so quiet?" he questions softly as his fingers run down my spine.

"I want to know about Mattó's mother, we did you two meet?"

I wasn't jealous nor mad, just curious I guess.

"She worked as a maid for me, she was young, sweet and kind."

Ok, now I'm a bit jealous.

"I had woman that would open their legs without hesitation but she was different. All she did was her job then go to bed, it was a routine for her. The men that worked for me tried to seduce her but she wants about those things. I guess it attracted me to her even more."

If any woman says its ok for her man to talk about another woman he had in his life was okay, then she is definitely lying.

It hurts to hear.

"I was alone, lost in a way. Trying to hide who I really was and finding the people who killed Alexia."

I look up at him as his eyes clouded in a deep way.

"I would drink away the night and try to forget about everything but it was no use. She walked into my office one night and just stare at me with pity."

He seemed to be lost in thoughts as he spoke.

"I hated the look she gave me but chuckled anyways."

He lets out a deep breath.

"No one has ever put me in my place, everyone was to scared to state their mind about my actions, who dared to tell me what to do was killed by my bare hands."

He looks down at me and smiles. "She just shakes her head and asked why, why was I hurting myself."

I ignore the look of sadness in his eyes, he was in love with her.

"I yelled at her and told her to just mind her own business but she was stubborn. Just walked in and took the bottle from my hand, 'if drinking ever slove our problems then everyone would have found their answer, but it doesn't, it only cause us to lose focus in life. You are a good man Federo, but you will die without ever learning to let go.' She said to me. I knew it was from her heart, that she wasn't pitying me but trying to wake me up."

"She sounded like a good person, " I whispered out.

"She was, she made me change my way without crossing the line. She stood by her modesty and pure of heart until I got up on both feet. Months passed by and I felt more drawn to her."

I didn't want to hear any intimate. I didn't think I would handle it well.

"We fell in love with each other but scared to tell one another."

My heart ached to the sound of his tone.

"I didn't want to bring someone so innocent into my life, I knew I would get her hurt but I couldn't nor could she. So we decide to keep our relationship a se

her, were you listening to our conversation?"

I got up and walked towards the door.

Opening it wide, I came face to face with father. "You've been in there for three hours. I've taken a nap and woken up and still you haven't finished talking. Are you two back together or what?"

"Yes father, we are, aren't we Federo?" I questioned him but he didn't reply.

"Federo?" I look back and gasp.

On one knee he kneeled while holding a red small box that was opened, revealing a diamond ring.

"Will you Nadia Salvatore Varro marry me?"

My hands shook as I covered my mouth, tears fell, happy tears.

"Well dear, answer the mans question." Father says as he pushes me closer to him. "I was in on the plan, he was going to come in and propose but I told him I need to see the look on your face." Father whispers into my ear before giving me a kiss on my temple.

"Marry me baby girl?"


He stood up and walked towards me. I was breathing uncontrollable. He took my hand and slipped the ring on my finger.

"Perfect fit." Father says before leaving us alone.

I was pulled into his embrace, my eyes never leaving the sight of the ring.

"This can't get any better, " Federo says as he kisses me.

I was drowning into the kiss, he pulled back and stares at me.

"It can get better, I'm pregnant!"

His widen eyes.

Oh shit, he doesn't look happy.

"Say that again?"

"I'm pregnant!"

He didn't say or do anything, just stunned at what I just said.

"Feder-" I was cut off by his lips attacking mine.

I smiled as he kissed me. "Your not mad?" I asked between his shower of kisses.

"No, " he kissed. "I'm not, " he kissed again. "I love you."

"I love you more."

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