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   Chapter 18 Won't go back

Loved by Federo By MarillaGarden Characters: 9160

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It didn't take Leo long to arrive.

The fear in me took over as Lillian ran out to greet him. "Leo is here, Leo is here."

"Lillian be careful not to fall when running, " Annabella says. "Out, " she finished her sentence with a shake to her head. "She loves him." she says to me.

Leo was a good man, but I didn't know how he would handle the news.

Cèsar walked out after daughter, I peek through the glass window and see him holding Lillian in his arm.

I turn to look at Rachel who got up with Mattó in her arms. The boy had chocolate cover all over him and her but she didn't care.

She was happy in a way, her eyes were glowing. It's like she found something missing in a way.

But I on the other hand felt lost and hurt. Did Federo deserve me? Was I going to go back and throw myself at him when he was the one who told me to leave?

As much as I thought about going back, I had reached my decision. I had to make him come for me if he wanted me to be in his life. It was fair for me to let this pass by without a fight.

But what if he doesn't come for you?

I shook my head and held onto my choice. Rachel was going to take care of Mattó, she knew what she wanted. Leo loves her and she loves him, there no one who would get in there way but them only.

I looked back at them and watched how Leo looked at Rachel and Mattó.

For a second, I felt he was anger and sad.

A hand on my shoulder caused me to jump. I turn to see father staring at me. "Go sweetheart, if you want just go back to him you'd be happy."

And at this time, this very moment, I knew that he only wants the best for us. In only two week, he'd shown love to Rachel and I then I had ever anticipated he would. He words soft and kind, gentle as if we were the most important people on this earth to him.

My arms wrap around his neck, he held the cane tightly to support himself and returned the hug with such love and hope.

"I only want to see you and your sister happy. I want support you in anyway I can, I've missed out most your life. I don't want to miss out on the remaining left."

"Oh father, I love you so much but I won't be going back to him. He must come for me."

"Are you sure Nadia? I don't want you to regret anything."

"I'll regret downgrading myself for a man who never gave us a chance. He didn't even tried to let me know the reason to why he was doing this all. One of my teachers at the Academy once said. 'For two human beings to come together isn't just parts reuniting but two heart and souls combine as one to perform a union like no other.' I won't give my all for someone who gives bits and pieces of himself. I know what I want, it up to him to tell me if he wants me or not."

"You are s

didn't say anything, not wanting to start a fight.

"Leo, let him sta-"

"No, " he places Mattó in her arms. "Go? upstairs, I'll be there in a bit."

Rachel pleads with her eye for him to stop but wasn't having it. "Go amore, I won't be long."

She sighed before going up the staircase. Alexia, Victoria, Alma and Alison followed her quickly.

It was only Leo and the bo-

"Leave, I don't want anyone here." his voice boomed throughout the room, causing the boys to leave all at once.

It was only him and I, face to face, eye to eye. "I'm not much of a talker, but I'll say this. You took apart of me and killed it, maybe it wasn't intentionally, but you still did. Rachel is all I want to heal, I want her and only her. I would give my fucking life, my soul to make her happy." he said as his finger digged into my chest, right above my heart. "I forgive you because I know it wasn't in your hands but Rachel is another story. If she doesn't forgive you then you will fucking do anything, I mean anything to make her do so. Even if it means your own son."

"I'm not-"

"I didn't ask for him, I'll make penalty of my own with her. At the moment she needs him, Mattó is the reason she came back to me and I'll be damn if you do something to take her away from me. Mattó stays with Rachel as long as she wants, you owe her that."

"Is she now crazy and thinks my son his hers-"

His hand gripped my throat quickly, squeezing hardly. "She is not crazy, watch your words Federo. Mattó is staying with her, end of discussion." He lets go and pushes me on the ground.

He starts to walk but I ask him. "Wheres Nadia?"

He looks back at me. "She didn't come back, go fix what you had before it's too late."

He left me alone with my thoughts that wondered crazily.

She didn't come back....she...didn't.

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