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   Chapter 19 Come back..

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A/N ( personal experience, so no offense to any of my Russian followers. I just hate the men here.)


1 week later...

Russia, what can I say? It snowed, a lot. It's freezing, its cold and heartless.

Disrespectful men with thick accents and ego's bigger than the Eiffel Tower itself.

I looked down from the apartment complex window where father and I stayed in until our mansion was done being remodeled.

Federici did his best to conceive father to come and stay with him but father denied politely. I was glad he didn't say yes, I just wanted to be alone.

Especially after I found out-

"Nadia, come eat my dear." Father says as the maid placed food upon the table.

Federici sent over two maids to help us settle in, three men to keep us safe.

I reached over the to where father was sitting. "Sit my dear, I hope the stomach flu is starting to wear off."

Its wasn't a stomach flu, it was pregnancy kicking in.

"I'm better father, " I lied, not knowing why.

Maybe I was scared Federo will come and take me back only because I was pregnant but I will make it my mission for him not to find out.

Not just yet that is.

I didn't even know I could be pregnant, I mean, we never used protection but my period were always on time.

"You look pale my dear, are you sure you don't want to go see a doctor?"

I held my gag in as the scent of eggs turned my stomach inside out.

"I'm sure father, can you please put this plate far away from me." I said as I handed father the plate of omelette with cheese and pepper.

The look seemed appealing but the smell, god I wanted to puke my heart out.

"Rachel called, " father says as he takes his mug into his hand. "She said that Federo isn't doing good."

"I don't care father, he's a grown man. He can suck it up."

"Nadia, Leo and Rachel have no right to take his son from him. You and your sister were taken away from me and it broke me. How do you think Federo's is feeling? I want you to talk with Leo-"

"Why should I, Federo locked Rachel up in a dark cold place for a month without food, water or sunlight. Then beat the living shit out of her until she lost her child."

"Which she didn't want at the time."

"No father, I mean, yea she didn't but once she heard the baby's heartbeat she changed her mind. It was after that Federo took her prisoner and did what he did to her."

"He had to do it so Rachel wouldn't be killed, you think I don't know the story? Federo told me everything, he was being watched. He had to stay undercover so he can keep his family safe, to keep Rachel safe. The baby wasn't meant to live Nadia-"

"Federo is the cause of it, yea he fucked up and he's sorry for what he did, but still. It was his fault. He is the reason that Leo became a monster, he is the reason why Rachel lost her child. He is the reason for everything. You can't expect Leo and Rachel to forget easily, I'm surprised Leo didn't kill him." I said all at once before looking into father's eyes.

"Look father, Rachel and Leo aren't keeping Mattó for themselves. Can Federo let them be happy for just once without overthinking? Rachel and Leo know that Mattó isn't their son. But Mattó is the reason for them being happy at the moment. Leo isn't a stranger for crying out loud, he's his own flesh and blood. It's not like he's stopping Federo from seeing his son. Federo is selfish in a way, if he would step into Leo's shoes and try to understand; god, I don't want to talk about him. Can we not, please."

"You hate him this much to take sides with Rachel and Leo?"

"No father, if you would have sat down with Rachel and leo and listened to their side of the st

finger finally reached my heated core, causing me to suck in my breath.

My hands clenched the sheets on each side of the bed. His tongue came out only to wet the bottom of his lips. His eyes filled with emotions and words he tried to speak.

"The first beat my heart ever did was when I saw you for the very first time." he bend down and kissed my thigh. "The first lustful thought when you were getting dressed in that dressing room." he pinched against my folds. "The first groan that came deep from my soul." he laid me back against the bed. "The first desire in forever when I became the first to kiss you, remember baby girl?" he stood up and began to undress. "I thought I was giving you your first kiss but it was you who gave me mine. The first spark I felt it when my lips were upon your." he jacket came off, then his shoes, followed by his shirt. "Everything I reminisced about that kiss in my head, it made my heart beat like crazy." his chest, arms, abs and V line came in sight.

He leans over and grips each side of my panties. There were off and I wasn't stopping him.

"You remember the first time I ate you out?"

I blushed before nodding.

"I said a poem to you but you didn't understand me."

"I....I don't remember."

He kneels down and spreads my legs apart.

I look down at him as his eyes stare at my wet core.

"For a heart and mind to agree as one, the heart must take action to lead the mind for once. For love holds a meaning like no other, but the pain of the heart suffers. If the heart loves and doesn't receive the love in return, the mind break all trust with the heart he believed in. You see, it takes only one heartache for the mind, to never trust the heart again, but the heart always tells the mind to try, try again-"

"For a flower so beautifully decorated in a human form, you, by far have awaken something that I've never known or felt before, you." I finished his words, remembering exactly what he said.

Tears filled my eyes.

He did love me from the very start, I was just too blind to see.

"I love you so much baby girl." he says as his fingers wipe away the tears.

"Stupid, " I hit him on his chest.

He chuckles before capturing my lips into his.

"I am stupid, I'm sorry for letting you go."

"Aren't you going to eat me out?"

He laughs loudly and my heart beats to the sound of his tone.

"I love you old fart, but for real though. Eat me!"

"Oh, I will."

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