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   Chapter 17 Secret child....

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"I'm not fucking Dr. Phil man, I can't know everything." Cèsar says as he scrolls through his phone.

"I know what I did was the best for her, she hasn't been with any other man but me. So let her explore if she wants."

The words came felt like a bitterly taste in my mouth as I said it.

"So it won't bother you if another man fuc-"

"Shut the fuck up." my response came out quickly.

"Yea. Thats what I thought." he chuckles as he stood there. "Look, I don't know what shit your smoking man but Nadia is leaving, for good. If you don't act now, I really don't know how the outcome will be. Rachel and Leo love each other, I know they'll be back together once Rachel gets her shit together. But you, that's a different story."

As much as I hated him this moment, he knew exactly what he was saying.

"You'll need a miracle to happen for Nadia to be back in your arms. Start praying man."

"She's so young."

"Yea, but she know how she feels about you. Why are you pushing her away? Tell me the truth because none of this makes sense."

"I have a son that no one knows about."

His phone dropped from his hands as his eyes widen from the news he just heard.

"Fuck, where is he now? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I tried to tell her but I couldn't, I just couldn't." I sighed deeply, pulling out the photo of my son for him to see.

He leans over and takes the photo in his hands.

My secret I've kept from everyone was going to be exposed. I never talked about him because I was scared someone might hurt him.

"He's with his grandmother, his mother's side. She cares for him after his mother died."


"She died after given birth to him, it was like deja vu all over for me. My mother died while giving birth to my sister, but they both didn't make it. When the doctor came out and placed my son in my arms. I was surprised, but the news of her not making it stung my heart. So I decided that it would be best if his grandmother took care of him. I wanted to keep him near me, but I knew very well I couldn't care for him, everyone around me will try to harm him. So I did my best in keeping him a secret. It's been eating me up alive, Leo's child died because of me. I couldn't bring myself to tell him I had a son. I thought by each passing day it would get better. But no, it got worse."

"Damn man, I really don't know what to say." Cèsar said as he handed me back the photo.

"You can say that I did the right thing."

He shook his head. "You didn't even try to explain to Nadia, I bet you she would have told you to go bring him. But you'll never know what would have been now you've given up without even trying."

"It's better this way, she can live her life and I can go get my son back."

"Yea, but what about Leo? How will you tell him?"

That was my biggest fear, I didn't want to hurt him. I didn't want to hurt anyone.

"I'll deal with Leo, he'll understand."

Cèsar picks up his phone, looking up at me. "You still could have it all if you tell her the truth Federo."

"Everyone will find out the truth soon."

He nods adding a shrug. "Yea, but she'll hate you even more."

"That's what I'm hoping. So she can move on with her life."

He just nods as he thinks for a while.

"His grandmother lives in Sicily right? I remember when you brought your sister over the very first time. I had my men follow you, it was him you visited?"

"Yes, thanks for having faith in me." I sarcastically said.

"Hey, I hated you back then but now I like you."

I laugh as he winks at me.

He looks down at his phone. "I got to go man, stay safe and let me know what happens when

aching sound that came from her broke me completely. "Ohh my baby, my sweet little baby."

I look at Cèsar who's eyes misted a bit, Annabella near his side as tears fog her eyes. The sight before us caused each one of us to shed tears of pain for Rachel.

The way her arms held him, the way her head leaned against his, the way her fingers touched him caused more and more pain to my heart.

"Sweet little child you are, " her voice echoed throughout the room.

She was missing that part of her that left without her permission. She was still in pain even if she says she had forgotten and forgave, deep in her, she hasn't.

"Can I have him?" her words barely heard.

"You won't throw him away once you get pregnant?" I ask as I come closer to her.

"I think you should go back to Federo with this little one in your arms."

I look at her, "not if you won't come with me."

"I.." she hesitated. "I'm still broken inside, just a bit."

I leaned my head against hers. "Then I won't leave you until your healed."

The room began to silence as we drifted off to our own world.

"You know, " Cèsar's speaks up, causing us to look at him. "I think you girls should take Mattó with you."

Rachel just nods quickly as if it was the best idea.

"What, no. Federo will be devastated. He wants his son."

"Well, to bad, he ain't having him." Annabella says loudly. "Isn't that right salad." she looks at her husband who just smiles at her.

Oh boy, this wasn't going to be good.

Cèsar pulls out his phone and calls someone.

"It better not be Fede-"

"Federo, old buddy old pal. So listen up, Nadia knows about you son-" he pulls the phone away from his ear as the sound of Federo screams come rushing out. "You done yet...yea but..dude...listen to really?"

Annabella takes the phone from him and begins to speak. "Listen up, Rachel and Nadia will care for your son....I don't know for how long....boy if you don't shut the hell up and let me speak I'll make Cèsar come back and beat your ass."

Rachel walks up and takes the phone from her. "Let me talk to Leo....I said, let me talk to Leo."

Biting my nails, I waited for her to talk again. What was she doing?

"Can you come and take me back?" she says softly as her head was still leaning upon Mattó's head. "Yes I'm sure, just come." she laughs, then closes her eyes. "If you keep saying I'm sure then I'll change-good, I'll be waiting."

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