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   Chapter 16 Heartache....

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A week later...

I just stare at the dumbshit of a brother I had. He went through so much without telling me.


"You can unleash your anger big brother, I'm waiting." Leo says as he lays on his bed.

"What's done is done, I just wish you would have told me."

"I'm sorry!"

"Wow, Leo is apologizing, that's a first."

He roughly ran his hand through his hair, pushing any pain he was into the side. "She doesn't even want to look at my face. I fucked up didn't I?"

"She's anger with you, give her time and she'll get over it."

"Don't think she will, " he says sadly.

"She knows you love her, she as well loves you. You two will be together in the end. As for I, " I paused. "Don't think there'll be a happy ending."

His eyes questions me but I just dismissed myself without saying anything else.

The mansion was filled with silence ever since Leo came back, tension rise more and more by each passing day.

Entering the room I shared with baby girl, I see her lying silently on our bed.

"Have you eaten yet?"

She didn't reply.

Closing the door, I walk towards her.

I can see she has been crying and it was all my fault.

"You don't love me, you really don't."

If she can feel the ache in my heart then she would know how I felt.

"I do love you Nadia but-"

She bolts up from bed and looks as if all hell will break loose with her furious gaze. "But what? You either do or don't, no buts Federo."

"I'm 38, your 18, can't you see there's a problem with that?"

"So this is why, because you're older than me?"

"Yes, you should be with a man who's close to your age range. Not a old man."

"So you were just enjoying your time with me, you just played with my emotions because I'm too young and naive to understand."

"No, god no. I just think you don't know what love is because you've only been with me."

Her eyes began tear up and before you know it tears began to fall.

"I love you more than anything in this world Nadia, you're my baby girl. I just don't want you to regret-"

"I ALREADY HAVE, " she pointed out angrily as she pushes me back with such force. "I REGRET GIVING MYSELF TO YOU, " she screams.

"Good, now you can leave with your father. You can go and find someone better, someone younger, someon-"

Her hand quickly attacked my cheek with a loud smack that could be heard throughout the room.

"I will go, leave and never come back. Is that what you want?"


"All I said was for us to take a break, for you to get to know yourself better. For you experience life before committing to us-"

"There is no fucking us, " she wipes her tears away. "I told you I didn't care that your old because this stupid heart of my knows for a fact that it wants you, craves you, loves you but you're not listening. If...I, " her voice trembling with fear. "If I leave then I'll never come back."

"Then if you don't I will know I made the right decision in letting you go."

She backs away, dumbfounded by my words. "I'll make it so fucking hard for you to get me back. You'll see Federo, you'll be the one regretting that you let me walk out without giving us shot but if that's how you want it to be then so be it."

She walks away without looking back.

That's when my mind started to wonder if what I was doing was the right thing.



"Will these tears ever stop little one?" father asked as I buried myself in his arms.

"I.... just.... want... to leave, I....feel as..if....I.....I can't breath."

I heard the door being opened, footsteps followed right after.

"Both my angels want to leave this place, " dad said sadly. "I think it's best if we did then."

I look over to see Rachel reached over to dad before tucking herself in his embrace as well.

"Where will we go?" she asked.

"Back home my bella's, papa will keep you safe, I promise."


Time went by slowly, both Rachel and I stayed in father's room for the rest of the day.

Alma and her mother walked in to call us out for dinner but we refused nicely.

The look on their faces seemed upset to what was happening.

You would think after father being saved that everyone would be happy but everything was crumbling down.

I lo

a, take care. I'll come visit you from time to time."

She leans in and gives me a big hug.

"I think I like him to much to leave him but don't tell him that." she whispers in my ear before letting go of me. "We should get going Alonzo before your dad finds out we're here."

Alonzo walks over and takes Madeline away from me. With those hazel eyes of his, he looks at me and says. "As long as I'm breathing she will be safe. I give you my word."

He looks over to Madeline and smiles.

"Are you happy now you've seen your friend?"

Tilting her chin up, she looks away.

A loud sigh escapes Alonzo as he looks back at Leonidas. "Woman, you show weakness and they grab you by the fucking balls."

He pulls her so close to him she gasps.

"Are you happy now princess?"

I blush at the sight before me, Leonidas chuckles and I lower my gaze.

This Alzno guy really didn't give two shit about his surroundings. His lips were nuzzled against Madeline's neck, causing her to release a heartwarming sigh as her body melts in his arms.

"Goodnight my fellow friends, may our paths cross once more sooner than you think." Alonzo says before walking out with a very happy Madeline.

I was happy she was alive and well.

Leonidas walks towards me and rest his arm over my shoulder. "Now you and old frat can be at ease, your friend is safe and sound. I hope your happy Nadia."

I wrap my arms around him. "Thanks Leonidas, thanks for helping."

"Don't thank me, thank Federo. He's been after the Capo boys in finding your friend ever since you asked him too."

My heart tugged in pain.

"Can you promise me something Leonidas?" I ask with such hope.

"Sure, anything."

"If you ever fall in love, make sure to never give it up like Federo did. Love has no boundaries or age limit. Love is love in the most beautiful, imperfectious way you can imagine it to be. We humans complicate love when it's the most simplest affection to give. Promise me that you'll be happy among your brothers. I want you to invite me to your wedding which I know will happen before Leo's or Federo's." I say as tears drop.

"Federo will be married first then Leo then me." he looks at me and pauses. "Are you and Federo..."

"It was nice meeting your girl and her sister. Make sure to keep an eye on those two imbeciles brothers of yours. Father, Rachel and I will be leaving tomorrow." I say while my hands caress his face.

"Be good to her, live and love without fear. Bye Leonidas."

I walk away from him and come face to face with Federo.

His eyes scream out words his mouth wouldn't dare speak but I just walked past him as my heart ripped peice to peice.

Reaching father's room, I walk in without daring to look at him one last time. The door shuts and i rest my head upon it. "So much for my happy ending."

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