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   Chapter 15 Father is here..

Loved by Federo By MarillaGarden Characters: 10111

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Do I love him?

The question ran through my mind over and over countless of time all night.

The sound of him breathing peacefully brought a smile to my lips. Here I laid in his arms, my heart fluttered, it beats quickly as I think of him more.

The sun shines through the room, luminous sparks of color upon his face. Gary hair spikes out from his beard, a strand of hair falls on his forehead. One arm under his neck while the other held me close to him.

"You make it fast and I love it or more like, I love you." I whisper so low that I can barely hear myself say those words.

"Is it weird old fart?" I look up at him, his eyes still closed. "Is it weird how I feel for you and it hasn't been enough time to understand these feelings. Then I think to myself, how would it feel to be with another man, " his finger grip tight on my waist.

I knew he was listening to every word I was saying.

"But I can't imagine anyone else to be with but you, I want only you, for the rest of my life old man. So next time we make love, tell me you love me because I surely love you Federo."

I lean over and kiss the bottom of his chin before getting up, slowly walking away, I head towards the bathroom door. Taking one last look at him, I smile knowing how I truly felt for him.

Just hope you love me as well Federo.



She closes the door and I my eyes open wide.


She's not supposed to fall in love, not with me.

What am I saying, I want her to love me but I also want her to live her life. She can't be with an old man, fuck.



I week later...

My insides felt sore, every time I moved I pain throbbed up my core.

Think he might went in a little too deep.

But it was good...

But he hasn't said anything to me, I knew he heard me. He heard my confession but still, acts like he didn't.


"What are you smiling about, ?" Rachel asked as I laid in her bed.

Leo had just left with Marin to god knows where, I took every minute I could get to spend time with Rachel.

I was happy I had her in my life, all that was missing was dad.

"Federo, who else makes me smile other then him."

" he gave you that good shit and now you can't stop thinking about it." she laughed.

"Whatever...just like Leo makes you feel, Federo makes me feel ten times more. Hey, " I stood up and faced her.

"We haven't welcomed Leonidas guest, she brought a little girl with her. I think they're sisters."

She looks at me and nods. "They are but Leonidas doesn't want us to me them yet. There staying in the mansion behind this one, I think he'll introduce them to us when he feels like it."

"Ok, umm...what about Nuil and her family, what do you think the boys will do to them?"

I asked because I wanted to know, were they going to stay locked up forever or what?

"I really don't know Nadia, I think Federo is planning to exchange dad for them. He's just planning it all out, I wonder if dad is alright?"

That w

guys, can't wait to come back home."

"We love you too, bye."


Ending the call, I look at the clock that hits midnight, a loud banging on the front door shook everyone.

"Leo...that must be him. God I'm going to kill him." Rachel yelled out.

I rushed to the door to open it but it wasn't Leo. It was an old man that was missing a leg.

"You need to fucking go help Leo and the others."

I pulled out my gun and aimed it at him."Who the fuck are you?"

He collapsed down, fuck, he was shot, bleeding.

"Who are you?" I asked again, pressing down on his wound.

"Salvatore....Salvatore Varro."

"Oh my god." Nadia's voice yelled from behind me. She rushed out with Rachel by her side.

"Nooooo, no, no, no, do something, he's bleeding." Nadia screams out.

Rachel falls to her knees, "Oh him Federo...." her hands shaking as she grabbed her father into her arms. "Do something, " something in her clicks. "Leo...where's Leo..."

"FUCK!" the idiot went without me, he went without saying anything.



He was old....blood was everywhere. Shot and bleeding to death, "Don't die...please don't."

Leonidas and Adamo picked him up and took him inside, I followed them into one of the room on the lower floor where they took him in.

Laying him on the bed, they start to tear apart his clothes.

"Don't let him die...please."

"Nadia...go call Nicklaus and tell him to come now ...go!" Adamos yells as he hands me his phone.

I couldn't see anything before me, my hands shook as I tried to call Nicklaus but I couldn't manage to.

I look up at Leonidas who was looking down at his leg. The phone fell from my hand as I saw how infected it was.

I felt hurt seeing him this way, he was so thin and so old. Feeling a pair of arms hold me back, I fell to the ground but whoever arms I were in held me up.

"He will be fine baby girl, I promise." Federo whispers into my ear.

No he won't....he's dying and I haven't got to know him.

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