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   Chapter 14 Indulge...

Loved by Federo By MarillaGarden Characters: 7360

Updated: 2017-12-28 02:31

Warning; Steamy yet heartwarming chapter...





My body was dripping inside and out.

My mind, well, that was gone.

My body, let's just say I can't move at the moment.

"This kinky shit doesn't-"

"I know, but it's a interest I indulge in, " he says, cutting me off as his fingers trailed up my legs. "I'll make you love this kinky shit more than I do baby girl." he whispers, pressing his lips inside my inner thighs.

"Can you untie me, I want to hold you."

"Where the fun in that if I don't get to see you lose your mind, hear you beg, moan, scream out for me to give you more."

My head lays back upon the pillow, my wrist tied against the headboard, his thighs spreading my legs wide open.






Those were the movements.

Over and over.

Both hands gripped the side of my hips.


My body was on fire.

Burning desires soared wildly.

"There's a rhythm to sex, a rhythm I will teach you, a rhythm that you will never forget. No matter what or who you're with, you'll always think of me. This is how I'm engraving myself in your memory, so you won't think of any man but me baby girl."

"I hate you old fart."

"Hate can be a doorway to love, I'll be that doorway beautiful. Thats a promise I hold to you, for you to, " he placed his lips on my pelvic bone.

Sea blue eyes I was drowning in.

"How do you feel?"

Hot & bothered.

"I feel your weak as fuck to do anything."

What the hell was I saying, this man made me lose all thoughts I had in me. I wasn't thinking about anyone but him.

"I see, " he backs away, just to lean upward.

On his knees, untamed dirty blonde hair fell over his face. His hand went to brush away each strand, revealing his handsome face. Trailing my eyes down his chest, each muscle upon his glorious body flexed without him even trying. It was a sin to look as good as he did, it was a bigger sin that he knew what to do as well.

Looks, body and a steady mind.

He had it all and yet he chooses to be with someone like me.

Young, inexperienced and fat.

Thoughts of woman he's


Tears fell uncontrollable from her eyes as she stare down at me.

" hug..y..ou.."

I smiled before getting off the bed, reaching her tied hands, I released each wrist, rubbing away the pain before pulling her into my arms.



I hugged him with every ounce of emotions that ran through my heart.

"I believe you Federo, I really do. It's just...I....I'm scared. Cause...this feeling is...I've....I don't know what it is."

"Baby steps my baby, don't worry, old frat got you, " he lifted my chin up, causing my eyes to dart into his.

A heavy sigh parted from his lips.

"You can let feeling stay, maybe grow, I don't mind, I actually want it to stay. Right there, " he placed his finger upon my left temple then caressed downward. His fingers skimmed along side my cheek, going lower toward my neck. My pulse was racing with every stroke, his hand stop above my heart. "Oh how I wished that feeling would lock in here."

Does he feel it?

My heart?

Why was it going crazy?

Why couldn't I breath?

What was he doing to me?

"I will kill you if you break my heart old fart, so don't."

He smirked before placing his head on my chest, I locked my arms around him, he did the same with his arms, pulling me closer to his embrace.

"Never will I do that my love."

My love...

Those words rang over and over.

Is this

Do I love him?

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