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"What do you say baby girl, wanna see what daddy has in store for you?"

God those words made me go crazy.

"You're not going to leave me after you get what you want old fart?"

"Never baby girl, " he grabs my hands, locking them behind my back.

His eyes always did something to my heart, it would beat quicker than it was suppose to.

"Will you leave me once your-, " he stops. Staring into my eyes, "Think about this very carefully baby girl, once I'm in you, there's no going back, " his eyes roam every part of my face as if he was memorizing each freckle. "Do you want me to be the one who take yours..."

"Lost for words old fart?"

"I'm scared you'll regret it once it's over, scared you'll be the one who breaks my heart."

I lean in to kiss his cheek. "You took my first kiss, " whispering against his perfectly shaped lips as I drown into his sea blue eyes. "You're the first one who seen me naked, " I whisper once again, biting his lower lip. "I want you to be my first in everything Federo."

A shiver took over his body, feelings his hands caress upward. He places both hands behind my neck before pulling me into a mind blowing kiss.

My hands roamed against his chest, sliding up to his neck.

Thoughts of how it would be to make love to him exploded in my mind.

A deep groaning sound parts from his heavenly mouth.

He made me feel like no other.

Treated me as if I was a rare flower in his hold.

Soft yet firm grips from his manly hands took over every inch of my body.

Opening my eyes that were lock in the moment, I catch him gazing down at me.

"It beat so fast when I hold you beautiful, " he confessed.

"So does mine and it scares me, " tears fill my eyes but the feeling was still there.

"Are you sure-"

I pull him down by his shoulder length hair, taking his lips once more, his hands gripped my thighs before I was lifted up.

My legs grabs a hold on his waist as our tongues continued to fight against each other.

With each kiss, he moved closer and closer towards the bed.

Cold sheets hits against my back as he lays upon me, not once breaking the kiss that took me far away to another galaxy.

I wasn't holding back, I craved him as my lungs craved air. In this moment, all I wanted was him.

The kiss stopped, our breathing col

ed my ears.

He hovered over me, my body went numb before he brought it back to life.

Pulling himself out, only to ram in all at once.


"Are you alright?" She asked in a concerned tone.

"She fine, just leave." Federo yells out as he took over my body.

Pounding after pounding.

Thrust after thrust.

I held my moans in, clasping both hands over my mouth.

"No no baby girl, I want you to scream my name out. I want everyone to hear what I'm doing to you."

I remained quiet as he fucks me to fuck land, where everything is pink and big, long and wild, raw and yummy.

Yea, ok, I was fucking lost.

"Baby girl, " he warned mischievously.

I look up at him wickedly, removing my hands over my mouth. "You can do better old fart, " I teased him just so he can go faster.

"Is that so baby girl, " he pulls out.

"What, no, come back and-"

He flips me over, yanked my hair back before whispering into my ear.

"I'll have you begging me to fuck you, I thought I should go easy on you cause it's your first time. But now I know you were made for me, " his hands lock around my neck.

The hold wasn't too tight nor to loose. It was perfect, he placed his member in once more.

"I'm going to fucking come more than you think you can, " he bites down on my ear. "I'll have you begging for me to stop, and that, I won't do."

My legs trembled in anticipation.

"I'll have you in every way possible baby girl, once I'm done with you, you'll be covered in cum. Inside and out."

Yes daddy...

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