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   Chapter 11 All night..

Loved by Federo By MarillaGarden Characters: 9841

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This was too much.

Why did I say yes?

God, stop over thinking. If you don't like it, then never do it again.

You again, this isn't me. I can't.

Bitch try, just once. I'm sure he won't hurt you.

"Am I scaring you baby girl?"

This is not what I planned for. I just thought it would be fun, but now, I'm nervous.

"Do I have to be tied up? I've never watched 50 shade of grey, nor read the books. I'm too young for this."

He chuckled as he stepped behind me.

There I was, staring at my reflection. Tied up, both hands and legs with the bed sheet Federo ripped into pieces.

"This isn't 50 shades of grey, this is old fart showing you how he like to play, " he whispered against my ear, pulling back my hair. "This is me giving you a one on one personal guide in how I play in the bedroom, " he placed a kiss on my shoulder. "This is me, engraving my mark on your mind and soul, so you'll never forget me once you're gone, " he wrapped his arms around my waist. "This is me, remembering, before you leave, " he uttered sadly.

"I thought you said I'm yours forever, you aren't going to have your ways with me then leave me, are you?"

"Stop talking, stop thinking. Just enjoy what I have to offer baby girl, I won't hurt you. Never will I do such a thing."

Why did I believe him?

How can I trust him this easily?

"So, why am I tied up like this old frat? And why in front of this damn mirror?"

His fingertips went around in circles on my belly, "just relax baby girl, I want you to look at me while I explore your body, inch by inch."

I shivered as his hands went both ways, one up to my right breast, and one down to my core.

"Have you ever touched yourself Nadia?" He questions in a soft whisper.

"No, " I stated truthfully.

"OK, may I touch pùssy?"

My breathing picked up its pace in a nervous way, "can I keep my flower intact for the one I want?"

I could see him smile as I stared at him through the mirror.

"Of course you can, I won't finger you, just, touch your wet folds, " he answered, pinching down on my nipple.

"I'm scared that I will say yes old frat, you're making me feel things I've never felt before."

Kissing my neck, he sighed, inhaling my scent. "I won't cross the line, even if you beg me too baby girl, I won't. Just try me, please."

I do trust you Federo, I really do.

He nibbled, kissed and sucked.

His lips did wonders to my body, the body he had total control of.

"I trust you old fart, just don't hurt me."

"Never, " he whispered softly.

His hand went down my heated core, in one grabbed, his hand covered my pùssy. Kneading it downward, a moan escape my lips that filled the room. Two fingers were down there, his index and middle finger. Sliding up and down, with a flick, he rubbed a sensitive spot which lead to me gasping.

His lips continued to kiss, his right hand on my breast pinched down. I didn't know where my min

e my chest. I spoke my mind, "I feel like his words yesterday meant that we'll never see each other in a long time. What's going on Rachel? Are the brothers actually up to something?"

"No silly, I'm sure it's nothing." She whispered out with a frown.



"I need this to work according to plan, he invade Alessandro's home and find Salvatore. Bring him back here and end this war once and for all, " I stated to the men that were before me.

Leo walked in and stood by my side. "Whats going on old fart?" He asked with a chuckle.

Dismissing the men before me, I waited for everyone to leave before facing my brother.

"We go in and save Salvatore, bring him back here and end this shit once and for all."

"Ok, sounds good to me." He replied back, not knowing what this actually means.

"You know once Salvatore is saved, " I paused, looking into his curious eyes. "That he will take his daughters away. They won't stay here with us anymore. Do you understand little brother?"

He shook his head, "I'm not letting her go-"

"It's not up to you Leo, we have no say in this. Don't think Salvatore will leave his daughters once he gets a hold of them, I want you to be strong. Rachel loves you, I know she does. But you can't keep her with you, I'm only telling you this cause I know your anger will resurface once she's gone. What I need from you is to have faith, and let her decide what she wants."

"She won't leave, she can't, I won't-"

I grabbed him by his shirt, faced him angrily. "You don't have a say, let her chose. We don't want a war with Salvatore, if you love Rachel, you'll let her go. And if she's meant for you, she's come back. Maybe not soon, but she will eventually return. Be strong and hold you pain deep inside your heart, can you fucking do that?"

He pushed me away, before rubbing his face harshly.

After a few moments, he calmed down.

"Ok, what's the plan, " he asked as his eyes tear up.

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