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   Chapter 10 Heat of the night

Loved by Federo By MarillaGarden Characters: 13327

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I had woken up due to the heat that filled the room. It was dark and I felt really sweaty, getting up to open the window. I heard the shower running.

Maybe Rachel was taking a shower.

Not giving it much thought, I unlocked the window. But no breeze came in, it was much hotter outside then it was in the room.

I wonder if there's an AC in this mansion?

Looking around, I highly doubt that since the place looked more like a castle then a modern mansion.

Sighing out loud, I heard the shower turn off. I sat down on the bench that was near the window, waiting for Rachel to come out.

Looking out at the garden, I took in the moon that was shining down beautifully, making it clear to see everything at night.

The rattling sound of a doorknob brought me out of my gaze. Turning around, I faced Federo instead of Rachel.

"Your up?" His whispered through the dark room.

My eyes trailed against his wet body, following each drop of water that fell effortlessly.


"What are you doing here?" I said all to quick.

God damn he's looks yummy.

Holding the towel that was wrapped around his waistline tightly, he approached me.

My conscience was telling me to jump on him, but I didn't want listen.

God girl, should I put you on a leash?

Just touch him!

"Rachel went out awhile ago, she's probably sleeping with Leo. Why are you up?" He asked, sitting on the bench seat that I had just got up from.

He held my hand, pulling me down to sit besides him. "Are you OK?"

Nodding my head, I avoided looking into his eyes. "Yea, it's just too hot to sleep."

"Sorry, I bought the house not knowing it was this old. I'll have people come and see if they can place an air system. Maybe you should go take a shower to cool off. It helps a lot during these summer nights."

"You own this place?" Questioning while, avoiding him as much as possible.

Don't look, don't look.

"Why aren't you looking at me?"

I felt his fingers on my chin, slowly turning me towards him, I sucked in a deep breath as his eyes pierced through mine.

"Why are we here?" I asked, changing the subject.

His hand ran through his damped hair, I've never seen a man this handsome in my life, let alone sit next to one who was half naked.

"Leo's place wasn't safe to stay at anymore. So I brought us all here." He explained.

"But why so unexpected? Did something happen? Why did you lock up Armario and" I didn't want to say her name. "that woman with Nuli?"

He sighed in frustration. "Don't ask baby girl, you'll find out soon. Just not now, I'm tired, all I want to do is sleep."

He did look tired, but his eyes seemed sad in a way.

"Are you ok?"

He didn't reply back as quickly as I thought he would.

"I'm fine baby girl, why don't you go take a shower and come to bed." He got up and walked over to the queen size bed, laying down before closing his eyes.

I wanted to take a shower but, "I don't have any clothes and I'm not putting these dirty? clothes back on me." I admitted truthfully.

"Then don't wear any, just wrapped a towel around your body." He spoke while his eyes were still closed.

"I'm not sleeping next to you wearing nothing but a towel old frat."

He sighed again, this time. It broke my heart in a way, he got up. Placing his hand on his neck, as if he was trying to relax himself. Poor old frat, he's probably exhausted.

"I'll go find you something to wear." He mumble before getting up to leave the room.

I was relieved that he was gone, my low self-confidence on how my body looked was my main flaw. I didn't care about being skinny or fat, I just focused more on being healthy. But still, a few imperfections were seen through my eyes.

Seeing how old fart was toned and sculpted made me feel even less more attractive.

Why do you care? You never did, do you want him to like you?

Not you again. I don't have time for this.

Shaking my thoughts away, I was already inside the bat

n old man like me. Maybe you can find a younger person who would-"

She pulled the towel off, making me lose all words I was trying to speak.

"I don't want a younger person" she pulled me down, placing both arms on my shoulders. "I want old fart."

I took over her lips, pulling her body against mine. With every kiss, my mind was lost. With every touch, I wanted more.



Oh god this felt so good.

He pulled away, but I wanted more.

"So beautiful" he kissed me possessively.

Pushing me back against the bed, I laid there with him between my legs. I could feel him. All of him.

A shiver took over my body as his fingers did wonders.

Every part he touched, he left a trail of desire burning inside my heart. All my self-consciousness flew out the window as I took in his eyes that showed nothing but adoration.

"Let play." He whispered, lowering his lips on mine.

"Ok, but no poking."

He smiled so handsomely. "No poking until you're ready, just play time on daddy's lap."

"That sounds so wrong, I am not calling you daddy."

"Yes you will, I'll have a fistful of your hair in my hand. Your booty pressed back against my dick while I pound into your tight pùssy over and over and over. That's when I make you call me daddy."

I felt myself wet. He smirked, rubbing himself slightly above my core.

Attacking my body with his kisses, I moaned. His body was skimming against mine. Taking both his hands, he took a hold of each breast, gently giving each one a squeeze.

I stared up at him, his hands continued to erupt an unknown feeling throughout my body. I just wanted more and more.

Lifting me upwards, his lips kissed down my belly. Going lower and lower, and more lower.

With one stroke of his tongue, I lost all senses. Grabbing his hair, I looked down at him. Sea blue eyes pierced back at me.

"Eat me."

"What's the magic word" he muttered.



I frowned as he hovered his mouth over my core, teasing me. I knew what the magic word was, fuck it. I'm gonna say it.


A loud yelp escaped my lips when he dived his mouth upon my wet folds.

I couldn't keep still, and he wasn't stopping.

"I want you to fuck me." I bluntly said.

Coming out of his cave, he placed his head on my pelvic bone. Why was he so hot?

"I want me to fuck you too. But not now baby girl. I can please you without sticking my cock in your" he paused, touching my pùssy.

"Weak old fart."

"Yea?" He stood up, not breaking eye contact with me. Taking both legs in his hold, he flips me over. Landing a smack on my ass. "I'll show you what old fart can do."

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